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Wholesale Ribbon Knowledge To Learn

Ribbon Knowledge:

  1. Set ribbons catalog according to the materials

Nylon ribbon/tedoron ribbon/PP ribbon/polypropylene ribbon/acrylic ribbon/cotton ribbon/polyester ribbon/spandex ribbon/filament ribbon/silk ribbon, etc

The differences between nylon and PP ribbons: Generally, the nylon ribbon is first woven and then dyed, so the color of the cut yarns will become white due to the uneven dyeing. However the PP ribbon is dyed and then woven, so there will be no white yarns. In contrast, the nylon ribbon is brighter and softer than the PP ribbon; Chemical reactions through combustion can also be distinguished; Generally, the price of the nylon ribbon is higher than the PP ribbon.

  1. According to the weaving methods

Plain, twill, satin and miscellaneous lines. (PP ribbons such as plain/small ripple/twill/safety ribbon/pit/bead/jacquard, can be divided into 900D/1200D/1600D according to the thickness of the yarns; At the same time, we should pay attention to the thickness.Because the thickness of the ribbon will determine its price and toughness.)

  1. By nature of the usage

Clothing ribbons, shoe material ribbons, luggage ribbons, safety  ribbons, other special ribbons etc.

  1. According to the characteristics of the ribbon

Elastic and inelastic ribbons.

  1. According to the crafts

Ribbons are mainly divided into the woven ribbons and the knitted ribbons. The ribbon, especially the jacquard ribbon, is similar to the fabric marking process. For fabric making, the warp is fixed and the pattern is expressed by the weft. However, for the ribbon, the weft is fixed and the pattern is expressed by the warp. Due to the small machine, it may take a long time to make the plate, produce the yarn and adjust the machine , then the efficiency is relatively low. However, it can make kinds of products which are different with the cloth. The main function of the ribbon is decoration but sometimes function, such as the popular mobile phone belt. After the belt is woven, you can also print all kinds of words/patterns in silk, which is generally cheaper than directly weaving the patterns.

The woven ribbon is mainly divided into two categories: woven ribbon and non-woven ribbon. At present, the woven ribbon is more commonly used in the market.

The commonly used ribbon is divided into: plain ribbon, knitted ribbon, satin ribbon, silk ribbon, velet ribbon, twill ribbon, elastic ribbon etc.

  1. plain ribbon(ribbed ribbon)
  1. Plain ribbon in pure color
  2. Yarn-dyed plain ribbon

Made of yarns of different colors.

  1. Printed plain ribbon

Post-printing process

  1. Knitted ribbon     

All elastic

  1. Satin ribbon

The ribbon is as smooth as silk

  1. Velet ribbon
  2. Twill ribbon
  3. Elastic ribbon.   ES provide various wholesale ribbons to meet your special demand and just contact us in case you have not found your loved wholesale ribbon and we will provide appropriate wholesale ribbons to you according to your demand

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