What are the categories of webbing?

1. Elastic bands: Crochet band/cable elastic band/twill elastic band/tight elastic band/Newton elastic band/pull elastic band/anti-slip elastic band/jacquard elastic band;

2, Rope: round rubber rope / needle pass, PP, low elasticity, acrylic, cotton, hemp rope;

3, Knitted tape: Due to the special structure, refers to the horizontal (dimensional) elastic, mainly used on the knitting of the knit band;

4, letters tape: polypropylene material, mention letters, bilateral letters, round rope letters;

5, Herringbone: transparent shoulder straps, yarns, belts;

6, luggage webbing: PP belt, nylon wrapping belt, cotton belt, rayon ribbon, acrylic ribbon, jacquard ribbon;

7, velvet belt: elastic velvet belt, double-sided velvet belt;

8, Velvet: velvet with velvet material, a thin layer of hair mounted on the tape;

9, printing belt: Tailored various patterns on the top of the tape;

10. Earrings: Suitable for women’s skirts (lugs), sweater tops, collars and cuffs;