An elastic band refers to a variety of sizes and types of band laces and webbings made of rubber yarn, spandex and natural fibers or chemical fibers. It is an indispensable item in people’s daily life and garment accessories. It is also widely used in military, clothing, medical and other fields. The use in the apparel industry is particularly important.

First, how to choose high-quality elastic band

Elastic bands are generally divided into rubber elastic bands and latex elastic bands. Rubber elastic band is synthetically processed from rubber. If the amount of rubber is small, the quality is difficult to guarantee, the elastic recovery rate is poor and problems such as elastic relaxation occur soon. The commonly used latex elastic band is made of latex as the core wire, and its service life, elasticity, elongation, elasticity rate of recovery rate, etc. are all better than rubber elastic bands. The latex currently used for the core is imported from abroad.

To identify rubber elastic bands and latex elastic bands, as long as they take the lead to see, the plastic core cross-section is round for the latex, the square is generally rubber, and has nothing to do with the color of the plastic core.

Second, the elastic band sewing

During the sewing process, be careful not to stick the elastic band to the fabric. This will make it easier to cut off the latex in the elastic band during the sewing process. The service life of the elastic band is greatly shortened, and the sewing of the fabric and the elastic band seriously affects the function of the elastic band. Therefore, the elastic band should have a loose space in the garment to fully stretch the elasticity, retract and extend the service life.