Reciprocity has always been the traditional virtue of the Chinese people, and as the most commonly used gifts without any decoration is too monotonous, then the gift wrapping ribbon can play a big role at this time, it can make your gifts upscale . A birthday gift may be highly favored because of its unique packaging. Although the ribbons are relatively cheap, they can bring a nice decorative embellishment effect. In this increasingly competitive society, there is often a need for packaging. Some aspects are used to generate momentum to attract attention. On the other hand, they can lead the consumers to appreciate the true value of the goods and thus gain recognition of the gift. Ribbons commonly used in gift wrapping are ribbons,lace, grid belt. The gift wrapping ribbon can have many different shapes, such as ribbed ribbons woven from ordinary yarns, or lattice strips with many grid patterns on the surface, and flat or silver flat yarns. The special type of webbing, and some of them are jacquard webbing produced using the jacquard weaving process. The jacquard webbing weaves a variety of graphics and patterns on the surface of the webbing. Some weave some English alphabet logos or block words, and some of them are weaving a star, the moon and other specific characteristics of graphics.