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Nylon Zippers Knowledge To Learn

Nylon Zipper Description:

Nylon zipper is a type of zipper that is composed of a nylon monofilament wound by a heating die.

According to the material of the zipper, the zipper is divided into three categories: metal zipper, resin zipper, nylon zipper. Metal zipper teeth are discharged through a dental excavator using copper wire or aluminum wire. The resin zipper teeth are color-coded with polyester plastic and dyed through an injection molding machine, while nylon zipper teeth are heated by a nylon monofilament. The mold is wound around the center line. Compared with metal zippers and resin zippers, nylon zippers are characterized by low cost, high output, and high penetration rate.

Nylon zippers can be divided into:
1, closed tail zipper
2, open tail zipper (left and right insert)
3, double closed tail zipper (X or O)
4, double open tail zipper (left and right plug)

Nylon zipper assembly
1. Tape: a flexible tape woven from cotton yarn, chemical fiber or mixed chemical fiber for carrying fastener elements and other zipper components;
2. Bead: the edge of the tape is used to carry the reinforcing part of the metal or plastic element;
3. Rope: a rope consisting of a plurality of fibers in the middle of the band;
4. Scoops: refers to the teeth of metal, plastic and other materials that have a certain shape after processing;
5. Filler Cord: a rope made of multi-strand fiber strands for the production of nylon zipper chains;
6. Chain: refers to the continuous arrangement of teeth;
7. One Side Zipper Chain: The fastener chain is fixed on the tape to be called a fastener chain;
8. Zipper Chain: The chain belt is meshed by two chain links;
9. Top Stop: Fixed on the fastener chain to limit the stop of the slider when the fastener chain is pulled out;
10. Bottom Stop: Fixed on the fastener chain to limit the movement of the slider when the fastener chain is pulled out, and the stoppers on both sides of the fastener chain are not completely separated;
11. Back & Forth Head Tape: The tape with no element on the zipper is called the lead, the top end is the front lead, and the lower end is the back lead;
12. Pin Separable: a tubular piece fixed at the end of the open zipper for completely separating the chain belt;
13. Box Retainer: a piece that is fixed at the end of the open zipper and is used to completely separate the chain strap;
14. Two Pin: a tubular member that is used with a cannula for a double-tailed zipper;
15. Strengthened Tape: A composite type used to enhance the joint strength of the cannula, socket and tape, and improve the service life of the zipper;
16. Slider: a moving part that engages and pulls the element;
17. Puller: is a component of the slider, which can be designed into various geometric shapes to be coupled with the slider body or coupled to the slider body through the intermediate member to realize the zipper opening and closing;
18. The Connecter: an intermediate component that connects the slider body to the pull tab;

Nylon zipper features
1. Nylon zippers can be used in all kinds of occasions, but generally prefer to be used in sportswear, shoes, bedding, bags, tents.
2. Commonly used sliders are painted and sometimes plated.
3. The material of the nylon zipper is mainly polyester, which is relatively low in cost, and is also a kind of zipper that the market prefers.

Nylon zipper installation method
1 First prepare the nylon zipper and the fabric that needs to be zippered;
2 Use a 1.5 cm wide seam to sew the seam where the zipper needs to be installed, and then separate the seams. If you don’t need to attach a zipper to the entire seam, then the stitch length of the seam without the zipper should be finer, and the starting and ending positions should be fixed with the needle;
3 Align the nylon zipper face down and the center of the seam, and use a hand stitch to fix it and the seam allowance;
4 Turn the fabric to the front, attach the unilateral presser foot for the sewing machine to the sewing machine, push the presser foot to the right side of the needle, start from the right side of the opening of the nylon zipper, and press the 0.7 cm seam on the fabric. line;
5 When completing the stitching on one side and preparing to sew the other side, first look at the position of the iron at the bottom of the chain. If you can avoid it, you can turn 90 degrees directly, let the needle cross the zipper and turn to the other side to start sewing. . When turning, the needle should be placed at the lowest position, then the presser foot should be raised, and then the presser foot should be lowered after the turn to continue sewing. When sewing over the zipper teeth, do not step on the electric motor. Instead, turn the sewing machine wheel by hand to allow the needle to carefully pass over the nylon zipper teeth to avoid needle breakage.
6 If the iron is just in the turning position, then you only push the presser foot to the left of the needle and start sewing the left line from the opening. Be careful not to forget the needle at the beginning and end of the crimp. Finally, remove the sew line on the fabric;
7 For those skilled in the car, you don’t need to first sew, but for the novice, it is necessary to have more steps in the production process. Although it is a little troublesome, it can guarantee satisfactory results.

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