Fashionable Women Clothing In 2019

ES apparel group who is one big clothing manufacturer  meanwhile one-stop garment accessory sourcing brand to customers to save clothing wholesalers time and cost. Today ES will talk something about women clothing trend in 2019 well.

The drape and knot will still be hot spots in 2019 women clothing which show the self-confidence, maturity and feminine though appealing the skin.

Cross elements

The twist and tie designs have been updated to bring a new look to the tops, dresses and knitwear items. 

Neck crossings are perfect for party tops and dresses.

Packaged knitwear can fit the consumers of different ages and sizes and be used as a outer-war of summer.

The delicate little buttons in the package are a nostalgic detail that adds value to evening dresses and social-style tops. They can combine with the silk and satin fabrics and become an important detail for wedding and summer party dresses.

They can be used on the side of a dress or at the wide cuffs of an expanding sleeve jacket in the invisible open and close design as adornment. When you add a whole row of buttons to the middle or side, you’ll find that these flexible garment buttons seem to be more fun than those that can’t be undone.

Pleats and gathers

The differences of the appearances between pleats and gathers are not obvious, and the surfaces with the dense concave and convex will show the archaistic and retro look.

Low-pitched farm-style tops are gathered in the garment body which is more popular among the consumers who like the mature and classic styles.

We can use pleats to make the tight and sexy outline of the clothing and show the shoulder, neck or ham which is suit for the young individual characters. It show the nifty theme of 1980s.

Fastening belts

The knot has always been a key detail design. It will still exist in the form of a body belt in the spring and summer of 2019 to build a charming waist curve for the low-pitched long jacket and highlight the personality of the summer coat. 


Skirts and dresses are still in long styles (especially length to calf styles) and with the open seam to the thigh place to create a fashionable model which will transform the original formal dress outline into the evening wear appearance. We can use either a little printing material of the light coat to show the elegant feeling or the wrapped skirt to show the outline of the apparels.

Cut and dig

Feasible to update: We can combine the cut and dig with the cross design to reveal the neck and back curves and create a tailored coat. Meanwhile we can also apply the shearing lamination to knitted items.

Curly wavy edges

This style is often used for short tops and boob tube tops which will be an important update to simple sleeveless tops and T-shirts this season and used in whorl knit cuffs or shoulder straps.

Modelling of a paper bag at the waist

With the popularity of the high waist design, paper bag shape will continue to push this trend forward. The high waist design is more exaggerated. Because the leg line is more loose and the edge is wider.