ES Apparel Group Show You Clothing Manufacturers New Opportunity

It is claimed by clothing industry specialists that “technology”“fashion”“green ” have been the new position of Chinese textile clothing industry,so it becomes a new opportunity to discuss the coexistence of human and nature and green innovative design about cycling,reproduction and low energy consumption from the point of social responsibility and natural ecology,besides, it also stimulate the innovation of fashion industry.

Nowadays, sustainable fashion has been the hot topic in international fashion circle, so it is a key orientation for the development of fashion  industry in the future about how to build a sustainable fashion clothing manufacturer which is good for ecology by sustainable design,production and consumption.

Sustainable fashion clothing suppliers needs innovation,ecology and routinization, it also needs to form a whole ecological system of sustainable fashion from it’s design,collocation of downstream in production chain to The daily life and consumption awareness of customers .

Chinese traditional handicrafts will vanish if it is not needed eventually.what we do is a cultural inheritance by fashional transformation based on our understanding of chinese minority national clothing and handicrafts like Miao embroidery,batick and wire inlay and endowing it new life in forms of exhibitions and books.To promote traditional culture, we should not pause on appreciation but from a healthy ecological chain, where there is a supply—demand market there is a sustainable development by using fashionable garment accessories .

Sustainable fashion suppliers embraces 3 parts:firstly, important part is original brand and design, which means the combination of culture and design. secondly, China is on transformative stage of old energy to new one, it is a need to construct a green industry chain, which means the combination of technology and fashion.Thirdly,with the change of main customer    groups, fashionable lifestyle spans season,distance,place and even gender, so it is a need to lead the new developmental pattern that lead life fashion by new fashion,media and retail.

Canadian designer ,AmelieMongrain, creative executive from TushSkivvies proposes “6R principles” namely reduce,reuse,recycle,recover,redesign and remanufacture.she think the time of fast fashion has gone and it has step into a stage of slow fashion.when  measuring a nation’s fashionable culture, what we focus most is the slow fashion that is showed from its design to produce.when we hand over a product to customers,it should be an art. We need to understand clearly understand what customers want and produce them with purpose.

In terms of the development of sustainable fashion in the future, the attendant specialists think the sustainable development of fashion industry in China has a sound industry base. Customers in Millennium understand and expect more about environmental protection,so it is a good time to push the sustainable fashion using fashion elements like decorative zipper, jean buttons, webbing tape, etc .

Meanwhile,there are obstacles in front of sustainable development of chinese fashion development.The first one is the improvement of awareness and idea.The realization of sustainable development can not make it with one single value chain part, it is a matter of complete industry chain built by culture,production,design and customers.Meanwhile it needs more resources and parts to cooperate and sustain.It is appealled  by specialists that more clothing industry workers are expected to put more idea and resources into sustainable fashion,to put this awareness into action and practice,to push  intersectoral links among different sectors,technology and resources so that we can realize the development of the whole social environment in terms of sustainable development.