The 5 key colors predicted by the WGSN global color trends will affect the spring and summer of 2020.

The designers gradually retract the overpowering tone and the freshness tone returns strongly which is elegant like the nature. It reveals a thick vitality which is the design we really expect.

New mint green

New mint green is a new theme of 2020 which evolves from the hot pastel color such as millennium pink.

The new mint green represents a forward-looking tone, a near Utopian expression of the positive optimism. Events such as the Tokyo Olympics and NASA’s mars rover have made the future the focus of the moment.

Usages: It ‘s suitable for not only Modern women’s costume, sportswear, shoes but also children’s costume, men’s costume, technology products and indoor decorations.

Pure blue

Key points of design: This is the latest stage blue evolved from a core color to a fashionable one. Pure blue is softer and brighter than the cobalt blue of the recent seasons. Meanwhile, it has a little bit of cool modernity.

Usages: Pure blue can be a fashion or core color which makes it an important color for women’s costume, men’s costume and children’s costume.

In terms of technology products, indoor decorations and cars, pure blue is very fashionable and attractive to women.

Black currant color

Key points of design: Blackcurrant, the combination of pink and purple, has had a major impact in recent seasons which reveals both pink’s neutral charm and purple’s modern charm.

Usages: Black currant color is suitable for both men and women, especially for men’s casual clothing and garment accessories. It can also be used for decorative accessories, walls and equipment accessories which arouses strong reactions in Europe, the United States and the Asia-pacific region.

Hami melon color

Key points of design: This is the recently famous soft version of the young vibrant orange which exudes the comfortable feeling suitable for summer. Cantaloupe color also demonstrates the continuing appeal of the typical feminine colors which will seep into other types of products.

Usages: It is suitable for women’s clothing, children’s clothing, tannins, men’s clothing(especially leisure design and washing processing) as well as modern indoor decorations and webbing tape which arouses strong reactions in Europe, the United States, Latin America.

Soft yellow

Key points of design: As a fashionable color for three years, yellow goes to a deep direction which will cater to consumers’ love for the simple baked color system and inevitably impact the public market in 2020.

Usages: Distinguished and textured soft yellow runs through the whole season which is suitable for women’s costume, men’s costume (especially cut and sewn items, jackets, waterproof zippers and shirts), children’s costume, indoor decorations.

We hope designers can create more exquisite garments using these colors.