According to each clothing fashion week and brand show, we can predict the fashionable clothing colors in 2019 and prepare in advance. Now we take stock of four stunning colors which may become popular clothing color in 2019.

  1. 1.Stunning scarlet

Stunning scarlet is one of the bright colors used by clothing manufacturer that are heavily influenced by street costume around the world. This kind of red is still very feminine and modern instead of gorgeous and sexy. Due to the dense color, red is especially festive which is suitable for the alternation of autumn and winter.

  1. 2.Dark blue-green

Deep blue-green is becoming more and more important in women’s clothing and now a key medium tone in the home wear series that will be available in October 2018. This rich and jewel-tone color perfectly sets off the silk woven fabric and the versatile braces skirts and pyjamas series.

  1. 3.Golden east

This striking golden tone is like a brocade. As a mature and rich luxurious color, this color is a perfect match for new products in the Chinese market. It can be used for lighter items in early autumn or for thicker knitwear and jackets.

  1. 4.Sage green

In line with the current popular pastel trend, sage green has become a key fashion color in the autumn and winter of 2018. As the evolution of the same tone mint color which is popular in summer, it has its own elegant temperament. Meanwhile, it makes the evening dresses, flowing suits and luxury knitwear distinguished.