Jeans have actually been adored by individuals because the sturdiness since their appearance during the gold fever in the last century. Nowadays, they are also considered as a stylish item which are popular amongst people with various ages.

Nevertheless, have you ever discovered the leather label on the back of your denims? Although the design of jeans are different, there is leather label on the back of most of denims.

The leather label on the back of jeans has actually existed for a long period. As early as 1936, Lee, a well-known jeans brand name, was the first to introduced leather label for brand promo. Later on, Lee gradually took the dominant position in denims field worldwide, and after that other brand names started to follow the example of Lee to include a leather label to denims. Lastly, jeans with leather label struck the mainstream.

First and foremost, the leather label in jeans is utilized to provide the brand name to customers. At the exact same time, it is likewise a place to reveal designer’s creative thinking. For the youths who pursue style and brand, the conspicuous leather label on jeans can show their taste and character.

Secondly, jeans leather label is not only an indication of identity, it provides lots of useful functions. For example, large size leather labels can assist to fix the belt when jeans is too loose to wear.

In a word, don’t look down upon the leather label of denims which have numerous functions like decor, ad and practical use.