Small Button Makes Your Suit Own More Value

When it comes to suit button which is one important garment accessories, what occurs to you firstly is how to fasten buttons,right?

Today we don’t talk about how to fasten buttons, but about how to judge the workmanship of a dress by the details of jean buttons.

Because when  customizing or buying finished clothing, many people judge it by the quality of the fabric and often ignorime the detail of buttons.

Common suit button material are the as follows:

Imitation Horn Button

It is usually the best and most expensive button, Mr. Mahon, a top tailor on Saville Street, said: “the suit buckle on Saville Street must be made of the horns of some kind of animal, which is a symbol of quality.” The horns come from buffalo horns and naturally appear in black , yellowish or spotted colors. Strong hardness is more black buffalo horns, the grain on horn are different, the more upscale suits, the more regular the  lines are. This is button that will be used in exclusive design and it won’t be used in bulk .

Shell Button recommendation index:

It is also known as shellfish button, it is the button using shell inner lustrous side and it is a button with artistic sense , lustre and elegant texture, it is often match with suit of light color. Fritillary buttons are also often seen on high-grade shirts. White butterfly is the most precious.

Metal buttons include both pure metal and coated metal buttons. The common colors are gold (including rose gold) and silver, gun colors, and now there are more old metal colors in the suit buckle with more fashionable styles. Metal buckle is the most suitable for totem, many brands have make a lot of practice on it.

Resin button

It is an ordinary button material, resin is plastic which used widely on webbing tape too, although it is not precious, but in the material and properties ,it has very good aspects like waterproof, easy to shape.

In addition, there is a very important point to judge the quality of button

Button Engraved

High custom or finished clothing can engrave their own brand name on the button. If a button is engraved, you should see whether the engraved words are clearly visible.

Those who pay attention to detail is easy to succeed and to make his dress impeccable. An unremarkable button can immediately upscale the clothing. Finding the right button for an expensive suit is like finding a soul mate.

Details highlight quality. Next time when you buy a suit, don’t forget to notice buttons.