On October 31st, the Beijing Golden Hall, the famous Chinese fashion designer Zhang Yichao once again took the “culture roots, non-legacy souls, summer cloth for the capacity, folding fan shaping, sea smudged, resurrection, ancient dramas” The 60 sets of Rongchang Xiabu creative works landed in China International Fashion Week, presenting the achievements of inheritance based on traditional Chinese culture, bearing the genes of civilization and integrating into contemporary creative thinking.

Zhang Yichao believes that the innovation of non-legacy fashion must be co-produced with the great era of academic ideas, artistic ideas and style construction, and then explore the unique connotation and value of the non-legacy ontology in today’s society. “Contemporary non-genetic inheritance requires a poetic spirit and its essence should be calm, ethereal, romantic, and free.” So she insisted on using the artistic experience of oriental aesthetics to express her own thinking.

The release of the new clothing design is carried out in a background music with a sense of traversal and fantasy. Zhang Yichao kicks off the performance with the original sound, and the moving voice complements the original ecological music, showing the designer’s comprehensive cultural attainments and digital technology creation. A more dramatic and performance-oriented atmosphere for the release of new media art.
“The treasure fan is holding the sea, and the teachings are moving under the fragrant wind.” Rongchang’s other non-legacy–Rongchang folding fan has become the main design element of this release. The shape of Rongchang folding fan and the art of painting, hook, pipa, point, dyeing… folding fan, and the original ecological Xiabu, Antao, Begonia Concentration and fashion factors combine to show the popular potential of Chinese traditional culture in the modern context.

The intangible cultural heritage of ramie which is known as the “Chinese grass” is the main design material. Its hard texture enables the structure of the folding fan to be spatially shaped and silk, high-tech synthetic fibers, etc. The soft texture and lustrous materials are compatible with it. The simple summer cloth and modern fabrics are combined and innovated under the fashion and artistic creation techniques. The most original materials are blooming in contrast. The structure of the 180-degree flat opening of the Rongchang folding fan and the multi-dimensional round and triangular division form a space-rich three-dimensional structure. The clothing styles of different shapes inherit the traditional Chinese costume structure and also show the classic structure of Victorian architecture. The hippies are not worthy. The whole clothing design adopt latest garment accessories to show special feeling.

The color change has become the biggest highlight of Zhang Yichao’s work. She changed the strong contrast collision of large area, high saturation and high brightness color in the past, and unexpectedly chose Morandi, who is pure and free-spirited. The color system, the classic grayscale colors blend together, enriching the level of clothing, but more restrained and tolerant. Mixed with the Renaissance ray and classic wisdom of the “Morland color system”, the color brightness is reduced but not monotonous, orderly and not dull, almost flat color shows the mystery of space.

In addition, the traditional Chinese auspicious flower patterns and moiré, with modern geometric features of the obvious Op Art style, originated from the Chinese beasts in the ancient Chinese official costumes, Xiangyun, Ruyi, Baicao pattern, the prototype of the puppy in the designer’s life. The illustrator’s embossed patterns and other well-designed patterns make the harmonious home of all things vivid and hand-embroidered and hand-beaded on the hand-made summer cloth. The patterns of Chinese and foreign ancient and modern meanings of Xiangrui are kneaded in the style of leisure and aesthetic luxury. Zhang Yichao strives to use this wild and creative method to express his gratitude for the good fortune of the present life. As Zhang Qinghui, chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, said: “In the process of cultivating Chinese brands, we must pay special attention to inheritance and development. The Chinese nation’s heavy historical culture is the most solid foundation of Chinese fashion, and it will certainly contribute the most unique to the world fashion industry. The value of “Glory China Grass, Prosperous Bajiagen”, Zhang Yichao will inherit the fashion innovation of Rongchang Xiab, Rongchang Antao and Rongchang Fan, which combines the three Chinese heritages, with the traditional culture represented by the Bashu. The study of tension began to explore the commercial innovations of materials, crafts, aesthetics, philosophy, and rituals in the traditional Chinese culture to realize the value of the times in the current mass life and fashion consumption, and to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Seeking to combine tradition with fashion, let the inheritance of civilization innovate in the vastness of time, and open a colorful chapter of Chinese traditional culture.