Core Tip: In the 2018 autumn and winter series show, fur (mostly artificial fur), tweed, knitting, lambskin, leather is a common clothing fabric. These fabrics, which are widely used by big brands, are the wind vane that designers can learn from or they will occupy the market of autumn and winter of 2018, becoming the popular fabrics for the autumn and winter of 2018.

The autumn and winter of 2018 has arrived. Throughout the 2018 autumn and winter show, the frequency of common fabrics used in autumn and winter such as fur and tweed is high. Classic leather is also used by many brands. The data park analyzes the 2018 autumn and winter series of fashions released by various brands, and summarizes the following 2018 autumn and winter popular materials to provide reference for the industry.

Now ES as one big apparel manufacturer and garment accessories supplier will show you these main fabrics in detail
Fur is a commonly used material in autumn and winter clothing, usually in a coat style. Last year, brands such as Gucci announced that they would no longer use animal fur and promote environmentally friendly design. Therefore, many designers chose to use artificial fur instead of animal fur. In the 2018 autumn and winter collections, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Gucci and other brands have fur materials, and a series of faux fur coats launched by Givenchy’s first female creative director Clare Waight Keller triggered on social networks. A high degree of attention can play a role in promoting the popularity of fur.

In this season’s design, the tweed appeared on the runway of the major brands’ 2018 autumn and winter fashions, which broke the status quo of Chanel’s “high and low”, such as Marc Jacobs, CALVIN KLEIN, Miu Miu’s tweed coat, Prada hit Tweed suits and Matty Bovan’s tweed tops, skirts and more. Compared with the current popular, the tweed’s unique colors and patterns are more inclined to highlight the retro style. In the case of retro style resurgence, it will become a popular material that can not be ignored in the autumn and winter of 2018.

Not like fur, it is glamorous, and knitting always exists in the design of major brands in a low-key posture. In the 2018 autumn and winter collections, Dior, Chloé, CALVIN KLEIN, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Jacquemus and other brands all use knitted materials. Their styles are not prominent. Most of them are based on basic models such as sweaters and knitted dresses. Most brands It will make a fuss about decoration and pattern weaving, such as embroidered and diamond-shaped lines. Jacquemus 2018 autumn and winter series will be knitted with a variety of expressions.

Lamb and fur
Under the influence of the trend of mobile protection and environmental protection design, many brands choose to replace animal fur with artificial fur, and many brands choose lambskin materials that do not harm animals, such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Céline, Isabel Marant, Prada, Chloé and other brands in the 2018 autumn and winter collections are styled in lambskin. In addition to the pure lambskin design, the lambskin is often combined with leather materials such as suede, presented in a fur-inspired design, classic and retro.

Leather is probably the most common and enduring material of all brands, and it can be found in both spring and summer and autumn and winter designs. In the 2018 autumn and winter series design of Dior, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Versace, Valentino, Tod#s, Louis Vuitton and other brands, there are also leather-made styles, mainly in leather coats, dresses, leather jackets, etc., in most cases. Designed in a solid color design, it can also be designed in the form of contrast stitching.

ES summary
Based on the above case analysis, in the 2018 autumn and winter series show, fur (mostly artificial fur), tweed, knitting, lambskin, leather are a common clothing fabrics.Besides these main popular fabrics ES also provide other garment accessories like waterproof zipper, webbing tape, jean buttons, etc. ES one stop service can be sure you can get anything you need on clothing production.