ES clothing manufacturer will attend the prestigious MAGIC Las Vegan retail industry show to be held Aug. 13-15, 2018. Magic is the most comprehensive fashion marketplace event in the U.S., featuring high-end luxury brands to the latest fashion trends.

“ES is one of the biggest apparel manufacturers, with five garment accessories factories, allowing us to provide one-stop services for whole apparel production,” said Ren. “Our design team can meet your ODM/OEM service and provide any service needed in the apparel industry.”

As clothing suppliers, the company is a major influencer within the fashion industry, providing clients with a one-stop resource for helping customers choose the garment accessories to make their creations uniquely theirs. From drawstrings and laces, multiple types of webbing to a variety of metal plate and pearl accessories, ES Apparels provides the decorations and embellishments that transform a plain garment into an extravagant, must-have fashion trend.

Woven and knitted webbing is an easy, elegant and fashionable way to embellish any garment. ES Apparels offers webbing appropriate for any decorative endeavor ranging from outer pants seams and belts to sleeves. The fashion element is equally effective for DYI projects and leashes in the pet fashion industry. It’s available as webbing tape, ribbon, bands and strips in a rainbow of colors, patterns and designs.

The company plays an integral role for apparel manufacturers. ES Apparels offers environmentally-friendly drawstrings for waistbands, jackets and caps that can double as shoelaces to provide a cost effective design option. Available in a myriad of materials, they can be customized in a variety of ways that includes multiple designs, patterns and word imprinting.

Metal and pearls have a timeless appeal and are the most popular and stylish adornments for all types of attire. ES Apparels provides clothing manufacturers with multiple styles, designs and sizes of metal and pearl trimmings, along with metal stars, to provide head-to-toe ornamentation appropriate for hats, garments and shoes.

Clothing manufacturers around the world will have the opportunity to explore the decorative options, fabrics and manufacturing capabilities available with ES Apparels during the MAGIC Las Vegas fashion industry show. The talents of the company’s design specialists are always available to assist clients in creating what their imaginations envision.