Cowboy, leather, tassel
Any of these three elements are placed in the fashion circle
All enough to hold up a day
Can withstand the trend and classic torture
Hold the test of time and space

Single wear has been so classic
If you combine them
What is the chemical effect?
Let Xiaobian take you to see it.

Since ancient times, I can’t stay in love.
Always set the way
Dressing and matching, wearing a routine
1, leather + denim combination

Black leather jacket + basic jeans

This is the easiest and most popular way for fashion professionals.
The essence is the same
Whether it is a small cloth shoe or a high-heeled sandal, ankle boots
Can be based on their own preferences and characteristics
Wear a style that is very personal with special garment accessories
Very plastic shape
Like the four sets above
Although it is leather + jeans
But each has its own taste, and it’s not afraid of hitting the shirt.
Black and white striped small leather + cartoon embroidered jeans

Black and white striped small leather coat casually on the shoulder
Just like the feeling of big sister in the Hong Kong film in the 80s.
Classic is not afraid of obsolescence
This cartoon-print jeans comes from Stella McCartney’s eponymous brand
This brand in the UK is not as good as LV and Chanel.
But still quite favored among the stars.
For example, our goddess Song Jia put her star print jeans on fire with special waterproof zipper.

Xiaohua’s teacher’s body is also hidden.
Leather jacket, denim and tassel elements
I will talk about this combination below.
Not only cumbersome, but fashionable
Song Jia’s body is full of domineering
It’s a street beat queen.
Colored leather jacket + jeans

Flowing line stitching color blocks
Stiff style
The whole person looks a lot more vivid
Jeans and black high heels with natural trimming
Looks exceptionally high and great.

Green smooth leather jacket with large design.
Bright green in a black pressed suit
Especially eye-catching
Who can’t help but look at it more?

Dark red leather jacket + black wide leg jeans + British wind small shoes
The shape is very retro, the effect is very classic
Xiaobian really likes this set.
Black minimalist low key
The red atmosphere looks unusual
2, leather + tassel combination

Leather jacket + fringed skirt

Danish fashion blogger Pernille Teisbaek
Walking in the streets of Paris wearing leather and fringed skirts
Walking like dancing
People are as elegant and romantic as cities
Xiaobian is curious
This silky tassel
If you walk together, if you are entangled with ou dou kei?
Fringed leather jacket

Milan fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni
This leather and tassels are combined into one.
I’m wearing it on the Fashion Week Street where everyone’s magical powers
Naturally attracts the camera’s pursuit
But this exaggerated design accidentally became a mine
咱 Ordinary people are still difficult to control
After all, life is still low-key!
3, cowboy + tassel combination

Fringed coat + cowboy

Brown tassel jacket is very popular this year.
The coat has a tassel embellishment
Jeans with a tassel jacket
Don’t have a sense of movement

Red fringed jacket + white Tee + denim skirt
This set of layers and tension
Take a look, it makes people fall in love.
Like the lyrics
Just because I saw you more in the crowd
Never forget your face again
Fringed Jeans / Denim Tee

Fringe jeans have become a new season trend

The basic models are worn out, and the hipsters have new ways to play.
Is to design the jeans trousers as fringed
This is just like the popularity of shredded jeans.
Those who have experienced the run-down have longed for perfection
Design the jeans to be well-formed
Now people are tired of the integrity of the rigid tradition
Again, let the jeans fall to the rupture
Or how to say
People are stupid creatures that are never satisfied?
But don’t toss, don’t live
If you want to toss it too
Put on a pair of tassel jeans
Just click on the video above and you can do it.
4, leather + denim + tassel combination

Just like Song Jia’s dress at the beginning
The combination of leather, denim and tassel is a strong combination
This set of Norwegian fashion blogger Irina Lakicevic
Black fringed jacket and brown tassel shoulder bag
All from the French big name Yves Saint Laurent
Continued the brand’s consistently cool and cool style
Plus tassel design is more dynamic
About leather clothing
The Italian fashion brand D&G design director once said:
“Even if you never take it off, you won’t look embarrassed.
Because it represents the strong spirit in your soul. ”
About cowboy
His connotation is that he will not return, be tough and stick to the truth.
About tassel
It is smart, free and unruly

What they represent may be more than just a trend of the times.
It is a force that can travel through time and space.
This power drives people to constantly pursue beauty and create beauty.
On how to transform from the dressing bun to fashion
Just look at the fashion elements on your body is not enough classic and popular enough
You are beautiful
It’s time to let leather, denim or tassels create a sense of style