Metal teeth zips can be produced from brass, nickel, aluminum, etc., which can be found in a wide selection of surfaces. Nevertheless, aluminum zips are not advised due to their unique qualities, regardless of their competitive cost when compared to their counterparts.

Below are the top 3 reasons why you must prevent utilizing aluminum zips. We will likewise share some practical tips in case you would like to select these zips to lessen the chances of undesirable effects.

Susceptibility to Harsh Treatment
Aluminum zips are prone to temperature, humidity, crash, friction, acid, and alkaline substances.

Aluminum zips need to not undergo such extreme treatment as heavy cleaning and bleaching, as the chemicals included in these procedures would produce adverse effects.

Vulnerability to Rust
Trousers and jackets are typically subjected to cleaning treatment during the completing procedure. Strong alkali solvents used throughout the process might result in deterioration of the aluminum components due to their weak alkali resistance (fastness).

Special care must be taken when such chemical compounds as silicic acid, soda, etc. are involved. Moreover, make certain to fully clean the items timely after they go through the chemical treatment.

Susceptibility to Migration
Aluminum zips are vulnerable to friction. Consequently, it will produce metal dust when the zip is pulled, which might lead to migration. When the metal cleans come into contact with the paraffin wax, which is utilized for teeth lubrication, it could leave dark discolorations on the fabric.

Special care should be taken when aluminum zips are utilized for the light colored materials to avoid migration.

There are lots of other alternative metal teeth zips like high-quality brass zips available for selection. You might seek advice from our salespersons should you need any more assistance.

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