By the end of the season, girls can’t help going shopping clothing.But they will be confuseded about how to match after going home. At this time, it is particularly important to take into account the utility and beauty of the individual clothings garment accessories! Such garment accessories products are not only easy for girl to match , but also diverse. This article aims at bringing you different inspiration. Now ES Apparel Group who is one of the big apparel manufacturers go with you to experience it together predicting drawstrings and webbing belt in spring and summer 2019.

Welvet Webbing Belt

When the popular velvet fabric is cut into ribbons and spliced on the dress, it is very retro, such splicing will certainly become one of the popular trends.

Random Webbing Ribbon

 As a decorative ribbon its use in  dress can plays the role of the finishing touch and give people comfortable visual feelings! 

Rhinestone Chain

The use of the bright strip makes the whole dress in pure color have its feature, the whole feeling is simple and atmospheric.

Rhinestone Belt

rhinestone belt

 Decorating the diamond belt on the dress brings the visual feeling of improving the waist line, it brings better effect in dress of pure color.

Fancy Belts

fancy belts

 The flowers are decorated on the belt and then they are put together on the dress. The belt can be woven by rope or it can be a diamond pattern.

Drawstring Belt

drawstring belt

A retro knotted waistband is also a bright spot on this year’s high show, casual ties can improve the waistline as well as play a decorative role. 

Square Buckle Belt

A cool square buckle belt doesn’t seem to be disobedient when it’s used on a tuxedo. On the contrary, it brings a kind of skilful visual feeling, handsome and stylish collocation,do you like it?

Buckle Wear Rope

buckle wear rope

 You can decorate the air hole on the clothes by connecting the ribbon to achieve the effect that the designer wants. The air hole can only play a decorative role. It can also be a structural tool that connects clothes.

Linear Metal Ring

Decorate the metal on the dress in a straight line. It is very personable and neutralize the beauty and sensuality of the dress. This unique dress will become a popular trend in the future.

Button designs are used as trimming details, adding personality elements to jackets, coats, dresses and half dresses. It is characterized by clear concepts and asymmetrical treatments. It creates an elegant style and irregular angle and makes exaggerated lines. They are made of resin, horns, metal and other materials ,it embrace s buckles with cloth. The shape is flat or round.