Each season has its own special and imprint, so the fashion trend is constantly adjusted to adapt to different styles. Color has always been an important part of fashion. Proper color usage can help highlight the details of the design and attract people’s attention.

As a professional waterproof zipper designer and manufacturer, ES is fully aware of the need for product color diversification. The recent 2019 autumn and winter product color and fabric trends highlight the following 12 trends.

Fabric trend

Patent leather plaid

The classic plaid is presented in a patent leather fabric with a shimmering metallic shimmer, demonstrating a sporty and avant-garde style.

Extreme technology
Transparent, translucent, and opaque PVC fabrics have once again become the main direction of fashion.

Metal function
The metal coated fabric diffracts a rich metallic luster under the sunlight, and has a three-dimensional texture with a sense of technology.

Color trend

Arctic Light
The mysterious and radiant crystal purple, combined with beautiful and lustrous, is hot and gorgeous.

Smoke gray
Inspiration from the atmosphere of dark clouds and smoke, gentle and calm. The ash is slowly fainting the new color of the autumn and winter of 2019.

Corolla blue
The pure corolla blue is the color of the sky and ice. The elegant blue seems to be covered with a mist, seemingly nothing.

Desert gray
With the strengthening of people’s awareness of protecting nature, returning to nature is a major trend. The elegant desert ash slowly flows into the 2019 autumn and winter color palette.

Rock brown
Rock brown is the color of the mountains from metal-bearing minerals, suitable for expressing the rough, deep temperament of the earth.

Fennel seed
Fennel seed color is a soothing neutral shade that connects the season effortlessly.

Burgundy red
The autumn and winter of the 19 seasons awakened new trends of thought and refused to be uniform. Burgundy red emphasizes self-attitude and highlights the street spirit.

Mysterious green
The mysterious green illusion reveals the mystery of nature. The illusory color has given a new definition of the new era.

In the 19/20 season, the bluebells drove you off the mask of the new era, and its clean temperament is enough to ease the feeling of depression.

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