Clothing Fashion Design Ways For 2018 Autumn and Winter TO Design Your Own Clothing

Garment Accessories Details First For Clothing Manufacturers To Learn

2018 early autumn clothing series shows an elegant tone, transforming the soft female style of recent seasons . The trimming and garment accessories are very attractive. Clothing designers are inspired by practical and sports styles and play low-key detail.

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Mobility is very important for shape and detail. Pieces of pearls and oblique deep lotus leaves elegant shape, showing a novel feminine style on the finished clothing production.

Learn more things about how to create your own brand of clothing below to learn the effective clothing knowledge on clothing design.

Decorative elements and embossed details are  inspired by different traditional styles, from the oriental charm to ornate handmade fabric.

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Fabric treatment is still the key to shape surface interest and texture. Pleats, folds and pleats create a new sense of quantity for new contours, they are characterized by various styles from soft feminine to architectural effects.

garment fabrics

1 Unique Edge On Clothing Design

In 2018 early autumn, lotus leaf edge evolves towards new direction,reducing a little soft style. Cotton twill fabric, tannin and sport artificial cloth are processed, forming pleats and embellishments, asymmetrical effects decorates the underside, seams and truncated shapes. The unique combination is refreshing, giving casual style practical beauty ,it is decorated with deep lotus leaf edges or pleated edges.

2  Homogeneous Pleats On Clothing Design

Pleats remain strong and are adopted in various , clear according folds and precise accordion pleats are more popular. Smooth cotton fabric presents a novel sense of structural quantity, pleating renovates traditional and modern shapes. In terms of feminization, thermosetting treatment gives tulle silhouettes an elegant feel.

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3  Finely Processing For Clothing Factory

Pleats and slightly processed textures show an upward trend, making the strong feminine style of previous seasons more subtle. Modern silhouettes are made of shirt cotton, miniature stripes and country trellis, slightly pleats presenting a completely new shape. Fold with a thin cloth reflects the importance of smooth form on clothing production.

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4  Elegant Sports Style

In early autumn 2008, sports style keeps elegance. The edges extend along the lines to cater to the body’s natural outline and adopt a common form of sportswear layout. Elegant outline and tailors use fine striped elastic straps, inlaid stripes and lavish metallic webbing ribbons ,leaving sense of youth . Using subtle treatment reflects sports luxury charm.

5  Buttons

Button shows elegance. Buttons are quiet common with it’s decorative and functional attributes. Head-to-toe asymmetries and tilting treatment add subtle details to classic styles and minimalist profiles. Metal accessories shows practical aesthetic, effect is the best combine with cotton.The buttons like jean buttons wrapped in fabric are very low-key.

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6 Monochrome Tassel

The creative design is amazing. Tassels are presented in many forms, from middle length to super long, and monochromatic style presents its individuality on clothing making. Warp tassels give a blanket effect to classic latticed and twill fabrics, while extremely complex versions are presented in new lengths, covering the body with elegant gauze. We should shorten tassel length and  emphasize layout to create a more commercial version to solve the way starting a clothing line from scratch.

7 Flower Pattern

Flower patch is cute,it is characterized by partial embellishment or whole application, decorative day and evening silhouette. Its embroidery patterns draw lessons from the global national styles fabric and oriental elements and mainly is  used in the classic pattern and wool coat fabric. Metallic yarns and jewelry elements are key, giving illustrations a soft and ornate sense.

8 Laminated Lace

The designers interpret different versions of feminized themes and add lace inlays to laminated fabrics, making this classic trend release traditional sense. Fine Shanti lace and reticulated flower embroidery are blent into the layer and are carefully separated by crepe frills, velvet edges, or contrasting colored inserts. These elements infuse avantgarde into the skirt or sleeve ,ensuring its commercial viability.

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9  Liquid Bead

Beads decorates day and evening style, bringing whole luster.  Whole beads of liquid effect play a key role this season, ensuring weight and pendency and giving the profile a subtle softness. Soft metal tone plays a dominant role and is equipped with striking red and bright colors. Overprint, bead and embossed flowers make the bead style very three-dimensional.

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10  Art Flower

Flower decoration is gorgeous and elegant, unique flowers embellish the evening clothing. The hand-embroidered and dense beaded flowers decorate elegant profiles and are

presented in line and overall form. Process combination is the key to create new texture. Decorative embroidery is well combined with tonal sequins and vertical tuft.

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11 Interesting Splicing

Splicing styles presents playful and lovely styles. Smart construction dim the line between a blur print and splicing. The feminine style combines broken flowers and flowers with discontinuous fringes and layers of lotus leaves, while the latticed version shows dynamic nostalgia, giving modern flavor to the classic elements.

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