ES as one of top big clothing manufacturers in China we want the apparels we produce can be worn long time to show their beauty to our customers all the time so we sum up 10 points you should pay attention when you keep your different clothing.

Without the clothing maintenance,no matter how much fashionable clothing and hottest items you know is nothing.

It’s a pity that the clothing is destroyed and eliminated because of incorrect cleaning methods.

So we sort out 10 points about the clothing maintenance for girls to increase the common sense.

About Leather

The leather coat is definitely the most handsome item whether the pilot cut or the biker jackets.

However, how to keep the leather coat from getting moldy to extend the life of it? You can send it to the professional leather cleaners.Besides,you can also prepare the soap and the clean cotton cloth to wipe it gently but don’t rub it hard avoiding damaging the texture of the leather.Please follow the notes and never decide for yourself, b ecause the methods of maintenance are different due to the different leather.


About Chamois

Due to the good texture,the chamois is often used to make shoes and bags.You can wash the chamois repeatedly using the cold water instead of the hot water.You can clean the stains with the special brushes and erasers carefully in order to avoid the damage.


About Denim

The opinions of the denim maintenance are diverse.Some say you must wash it inside-out,while others say you should sun it instead of wash it.Which one is correct?

Indeed, the principle of the denim maintenance is the less time of washing the better. It’s the time to clean it when it’s dirty or too soft.Do remember wash it by hand in cold water with half cup of white vinegar which can prevent the discoloration.


About Wool

Although indicated machine-washable, you’d better wash it by hand considering manual work is safer.Warm water can prevent the wool shrinking. Remember don’t pull and reverse the clothing when it’s wet which will cause deformation easily.

About Silk

Please send it to the dry cleaner directly and require the cleaner to use as few chemicals as possible.Although some silk clothing masks washable,you’d better send it to the professionals.

If you really want to wash it by yourself, do remember wash the different colors by hand separately to avoid dyeing each other.Furthermore,don’t soak it more than 3minutes.Don’t rub,brush,knead,twist or tumble dry the silk.

ES apparel group just remind you maintain your clothing carefully which can bring you different feeling as time pass by. Just contact ES who is one of top clothing suppliers in China