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Metal Zippers Knowledge

Types description of the metal zippers 

What’s metal zipper?

Metal zipper is a kind of zipper. It refers to the zipper made of copper, white copper or aluminum to produce different color zippers like the black metal zipper, silver metal zipper, gold metal zipper, vintage metal zippers, heavy duty metal zippers etc these industrial strength zippers. It is more sturdy than nylon zipper and resin zipper. It is mostly used in jeans, jackets and backpacks. ES can produce any kind of wholesale zippers like ykk metal zippers.

Metal Zipper Classification

According to the size points: 3#, 4#, 5#, 7#, 8#, etc., the size of the zipper changes according to the size of the microphone teeth. Because it is often used in jeans, jackets, and backpacks, its zipper size is large.Heavy duty metal zippers own the same size thing.

According to the type: closed zipper,

Open zipper (detachable),

Double closed tail zipper (X-zipper and double-headed head opposite or O-zipper and double-headed head opposite each other), double-opening zipper (reverse-opening and detachable) Micro-tooth material: Osage’s existing material type is aluminum Alloy, brass, white copper, zinc alloy, etc. The color of metal microphone teeth is often plated according to needs, such as aluminum microphone teeth yellow, brass microphone teeth white, black nickel, green bronze, red bronze, gold, and other colors. The composition is the same as other zippers, and the composition of the metal zipper is also composed of a cloth belt, a microphone tooth, a slider, and a limit code.

Cloth tape: the material is generally fiber tape, cotton webbing or polyester fiber tape, etc., can be selected according to different purposes.

The same material.

Mic tooth: The metal zipper on the market is mostly made of aluminum alloy, brass, white copper, zinc alloy, etc. Since the color of the microphone teeth on the metal zipper is plated, if it is not properly preserved, the microphone teeth will become black. And it will cause pollution to the clothing. For the copper alloy, the microphone teeth are prone to oxidation, so ensure a certain degree of ventilation during storage, do not seal and store, do not store in a humid atmosphere, if necessary, use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier.

Pull head: The color of the metal slider is green bronze, red bronze, white plated, yellow plated, black nickel, black and white nickel, matt silver. Usually, the color of the metal slider is required to be the tooth of the metal zipper. The colors are the same. According to the regulations, the commonly used slider parameters are:

3# metal slider has a mouth height of 2.1-2.2mm and a mouth width of 4.55-4.65

5# metal slider has a mouth height of 2.7-2.8mm and a mouth width of 6.0-6.05

Limit code: divided into top stop (pre-code) and bottom stop (back code). The main function of the upper and lower stops is to prevent the slider from coming off the microphone.

Metal zipper selection

Cloth belt: Since the raw material of the metal zipper tape is composed of different kinds of filaments such as polyester thread, stitch, and core thread, its component, and colorability is different, so chromatic aberration easily occurs on the same zipper. When selecting the tape, you should choose to dye evenly, and there is no turbidity. The tapes made by different fabrics are mainly soft to the touch.

Microphone teeth: The metal teeth of the metal zipper are also electroplated, so you must pay attention to whether the surface plating is uniform or not, and whether there is any color flower, whether it is smooth when pulling up and pulling the zipper. After the zipper is pulled, it must be observed whether the left and right teeth are engaged with each other. The asymmetric zipper teeth will definitely affect the use of the zipper.

The slider: the metal zipper pulls more shapes, and the finished product can be small and delicate, and can also be rough and majestic. However, no matter what kind of slider, it is necessary to feel whether the pull of the slider is free and whether the zipper cannot be pulled or closed. Nowadays, the sliders on the market are equipped with self-locking devices, so after pulling the zipper, it is necessary to check whether the zipper will slide down after the lock is fixed. Limit code: the upper and lower ends must be fastened to the microphone teeth or clamped on the microphone teeth, which must be guaranteed to be perfect.


When cleaning or processing clothing, pay attention to:

1. After the wool knitwear is ironed, it is necessary to ensure that the zipper is sufficiently cooled before it can be packaged. Otherwise,

Metal zippers are prone to discoloration after reacting with water vapor. Second, after processing the clothing products, it is easy to leave some chemical reagents, and it is easy to react with the metal zipper at this time. Therefore, before assembling the metal zipper, it is necessary to ensure that the leather has been thoroughly cleaned and neutralized.


Since the zipper has different adaptability in different environments, when selecting and purchasing the zipper, you must inform the manufacturer of which products the zipper you are purchasing will be applied to, and also inform the manufacturer of the composition requirements of the zipper, such as Can you check the needle? In addition, the use of azo components is generally prohibited in dyes because the dyed zipper induces certain diseases when it comes into contact with the human body.

Maintenance skills

First, the scientific use of metal zipper: 1, when pulling the metal zipper, you must first close the teeth on both sides, the top must be aligned, then pinch the metal zipper head gently along the track, can not force too strong pull.

2, when moving the metal zipper head, be careful not to twist the clothes or cloth and other debris into the metal zipper, so as not to cause “tooth skew”, “breaking belly”, “toothing” and so on. 3. If the metal zipper is the bun, not easy to pull, do not pull it hard. You can pull some wax or soap on the metal zipper to pull it. 4. If the metal zipper head has a single tooth that is close together and wears loose, the common mountain tongs can be gently clamped horizontally at the closing end of the metal zipper head, and the metal zipper becomes good immediately, and the single teeth are tightly closed and no longer loose.

Second, to prevent the metal zipper from moisture, oxidation, rust, and discoloration. 1. Avoid contact with the humid environment: Because the metal zipper will cause blackening of some of the teeth due to metal oxidative dyeing. 2. Avoid contact with the rubber band: Because the rubber band itself contains sulfides when the metal zipper is bundled with rubber bands, the metal chain teeth will be vulcanized (blackened). 3, after washing, it should be cleaned and dried in time: because the dye or residual chemicals in the fabric and metal parts redox reaction, may cause discoloration of metal parts.

Cause of discoloration

a. Causes of discoloration of metal zippers made of copper alloy (white copper, red copper, brass): When used on metal products or wool products, metal zippers may cause blackening of some of the teeth due to metal oxidation. This is caused by the gas of the product causing discoloration of the metal zipper when the leather-based skin-care agent and the processed bleaching agent on the woven fabric are left in the process during the treatment.

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