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Invisible Zippers Knowledge

Types description of the invisible zippers 

What’s invisible zipper?

Invisible zipper consist of a chain element, a slider, a limit code (front and back code) or a locking member. The chain element is the key part, which directly determines the side pull strength of the zipper. Generally, the invisible zipper also called hidden zippers has two chain belts, each of which has a row of fastener elements, and the two rows of fastener elements are staggered. Invisible zippers are mainly used in down jackets, denim, leather, high-end jackets, winter clothes and so on. Compared to nylon zippers and resin zippers, it is more sturdy and costly and is mostly used in jeans, jackets, and backpacks. We will also introduce how to sew a zipper below to learn more on ES zippers.


The invisible zipper is an auxiliary material with a certain powerful function. It must be used in order to extend the service life, otherwise, it will be easily damaged. When you pull the invisible zipper, you can’t use it too much. Because of this, the force will often exceed the load force that the zipper promises. The quality of the invisible zipper and the slider is mainly differentiated by level: such as A, B, and C grades, the more advanced the grade, the better the quality. The specifications are distinguished by the size: for example, numbers 3, 5, 8, and 10, the larger the number, the larger the specification. Yifeng zipper warm reminder Because the color of the microphone teeth on the invisible tooth zipper is electroplated, if it is not properly preserved, its microphone teeth will become black and will cause pollution to the clothing. For the invisible zipper microphone teeth, it is easy to oxidize, so ensure certain ventilation during storage, do not seal and store, and do not store in a humidified environment. It is recommended to use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifying agent if necessary.


1. When using it normally, pay attention to whether there are any problems such as “broken belly”, “de-toothing” and skewing on the invisible zipper. If these problems are to be repaired in time, do not a hard pull. If the zipper is loose and toothed, use a small hammer to tap a few times on the zipper head to make the upper and lower chain teeth bite tightly, and then no more teeth will be removed. 2, the invisible zipper of aluminum alloy is more susceptible to corrosion, so it should be kept dry, do not get damp, to prevent the aluminum tooth from forming the white oxide, which will cause zipper rust and affect the use, and also pay attention to the alkali Contact with sexual and acidic substances. Keep a certain degree of ventilation during storage, do not seal it, do not store it in a humid atmosphere, or use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier if necessary. Yifeng zipper factory prompts that if the zipper is damp, pull it up and bun. At this time, first, pull the zipper to the sun, then apply some wax on the zippered teeth, then use the fire to roast, so that it is very lubricated when used. It is. 3. When pulling the invisible zipper, first align the teeth on both sides, then pinch the zipper head and gently pull it forward along the track. Do not forcefully pull it to avoid “tooth skew”, “breaking belly” and “toothing”. “. If the zipper is bun and the pull is not flexible, you can wipe it with a cloth and then apply a layer of white wax on the “teeth”. 4. All kinds of bags, pockets or wallets with invisible zippers should not be overfilled, otherwise, it will easily cause the zipper to cause “breaking belly”, “de-toothing”, skewing and cloth softness.[2]

Repair method

1. The invisible zipper has the phenomenon of “de-toothing” or “skewing”. It can remove bad teeth and add new teeth. It can still be used. When the invisible zipper head is pulled up, the teeth on both sides are not closed, which means that the zipper head is loose after being worn. The ordinary vise can be gently clamped horizontally at the closed end of the invisible YFA zipper head, and it will become better immediately, and the teeth on both sides will be tight and will not be loose.

2. If the invisible zipper is not smooth, apply it with a candle or wax to improve the effect. If there is a little anti-nitrogen, you can use the color paste to fill the color or use the white oil hexane to gently wipe the denitrification part to remove the stain.

3. If the invisible zipper has poor smoothness or pull-in, the general reason is that its specification is too large and does not match the specifications of the slider. In this case, the zipper needs to be adjusted and re-matched.

4. When the switch is the invisible zipper, sometimes the zipper of the corn tooth cannot be moved because the slider is clipped to the cloth. At this point, if you pull it all at once, it will only make the burka tighter. Therefore, the highlighted technology recommends pulling the card in the slider as far as possible and pulling the slider back to its original position. If it is completely stuck, Don’t use too much force, just pull it up slowly. In addition, the sewing of the corn zipper should also pay attention to the smoothness of the sewing.

5. If the pull tab in the zipper head is accidentally damaged, the best solution is to find an old zipper that has been put on hold, remove the pull tab, and then attach it to the new zipper. In fact, some of the most important moments of this time are the disassembly and assembly method of the pull-tab. Use a screwdriver or other pointed object to lock the handle of the old zipper, and then you can take the pull-down lock. The same is true when the device is pulled. When the zipper pull device is installed, the pull tab lock can be buckled back to the tipper body.

How To Sew A Zipper?

In the process of using the invisible zipper on weekdays, there will definitely be more or fewer problems. How to solve it?

1. What problems should I pay attention to when using zippers?

(1) When pulling the slider, the force should not be too large;

(2) When using the cannula and the socket, be careful to insert the cannula into the bottom end of the socket cavity before pulling the slider;

(3) For the zipper on the bag, when there are too many things installed, if the zipper is pulled hard when the zipper is closed, the zipper will be too strong, and the teeth will be detached from the belt. The left and right teeth of the zipper should be pulled closer to make the chain head After easy passage, slowly close the zipper.

2, when opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain bite the tape or fabric and the slider does not move, what should I do?

Highlights Network Technology Tips In this case, if you pull the slider forcibly, it will get deeper and deeper. You should reverse the slider on the one hand and untie the fabric on the other hand. When you are completely biting in, do not pull the slider vigorously. Please slowly pull the slider back.

3. What should I do if the zipper has a stuck card?

If the jam occurs when pulling the zipper, pull the slider back a certain distance and pull the zipper forward. Do not pull it hard, otherwise, the chain teeth will be skewed and fall off.

4. When using the zipper, the opening and closing is not smooth, what should I do?

If you pull the slider hard, it will cause a chain tooth bite failure. At this point, apply paraffin or a lubricating spray to the surface and inside of the element, then move the slider a few times and then slide it loose.

5. What should I pay attention to when washing clothes with a zipper?

When washing clothes, it is advisable to pull the zipper. This is the best condition for the zipper to wash. This not only extends the life of the zipper but also reduces the wear on the inner wall of the washing machine.

6, the zipper head stuck in the cloth, so that the zipper board is broken or the zipper cannot be closed, what should I do?

Use one hand to pry the jammed cloth to the sides and pull it to the back. Pull the chain with the other hand and pull it forward. Do not use excessive force to prevent the pull plate from breaking, and then return the zipper to its original state. In addition, when sewing, make sure that the amount of space in the zipper tape is so that the zipper head can be used smoothly.

7. What problems should I pay attention to when using zippers for leather goods or wool products?

Copper alloy zippers for leather goods or wool are first rust-proofed and then combined with leather products or wool.

8. If the dark zipper and the light-colored clothes are put together, it is easy to produce the problem of color transfer printing and dying. How to solve it?

When the dark zipper and the light-colored main material are sealed in the same polyethylene bag, the paper is used to separate the zipper from the main material to avoid such a situation.

9. Rub the soap on the invisible zipper to prevent the zipper from rusting and the flexibility of your use!

Sewing skills

Before loading the Y-zipper, it is best to apply some adhesive lining on the zipper. Especially when sewing lightweight or unstable fabrics, use a thinner one-inch wide and the length of the zipper. The lining of the lining will greatly help the sewing zipper effect and appearance. 1. The method of “overlapping” sewing zipper: 5/8 inch seam position of the sewing machine, together with the seam position, use the fake thread to compose the zipper mouth, then open the seam position, and close the front side of the closed zipper. Place the reverse side of the piece so that the edge of the cloth to the right of the zip is aligned with the edge of the piece. Yifeng zipper factory reminds you to fix the zipper cloth and the sewing piece seam with 1/4 inch seam. Be careful not to hold the piece, then flip the zipper to the front, along the false stitch or as close as possible to the fake Sewing the other side of the zipper, then open the fabric so that the piece faces up, from the front of the zipper to the front of the 3/8-inch wide line to the top, then remove the false stitch.

2, “implicit form” sewing zipper method: The hidden form is a method that is easy and fast to install the zipper, highlights technology tips because you do not need fake lines and front lines, use the hidden zipper presser foot, it can The wire car is as close as possible to the zipper teeth, so as to achieve the invisible effect of the zipper “disappearing” in the piece from the front. 3. The method of “sewing-type” sewing zipper: The sewing position of the car is good, the seaming position is hot, and the hem of the zipper is first sewed on the seam of the piece of clothing, and then the line is drawn on the front of the clothes, and the car is The right place. To level, do not arch the edges, use the unilateral presser foot from the bottom end to the top. Use the zipper presser to make the line closer to the zipper teeth. The line spacing is 3/8 inches. Draw the powder on the front of the piece to draw a 3/8-inch stitching position. After the car is bright, remove the splicing line from the zipper opening, so that the zipper can be opened.

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