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Hang Tag Knowledge To Learn

Hang Tag Functions:

Clothing tags refer to all kinds of brands hanging on the costume, including the clothing materials, washing notes and other information. The material of the costume tags is paper mostly, but sometimes plastic and metal. In addition, a new kind of holographic and anti-counterfeiting material garment tag is produced. Style: long, folded, round, triangular, pouched and other special shapes hang tags and swing tags. This tag printing demand is met well by ES on any kind of hangtags.

The design of the clothing labels is usually very beautiful and the connotation is also very extensive. Although each garment enterprise has its own unique garment labels hangtag, most of them are printed with factory name, factory address, telephone number, postcode, and logo, etc. Some enterprises also need to print the nature of the company (such as lino-foreign joint venture, sole proprietorship, etc.); Some clothing manufacturers consider the small swing tag simply as a miniature “advertisement”. They print the photo of the model pretty girls dressed in their clothing on the swing tag to make the costumes have a more profound impression of their products which has played a very good promotion effect; In order to thank consumers for buying their own products, some clothing manufacturers often print the words of thanks, good wishes on the clothing labels to give people a sense of affinity; Some clothing labels are more like a “product instruction”, because they are printed with the fabric,  performance, and even the water temperature, methods of washing and maintenance and types of detergent. It can be seen that the manufacturers are very responsive to consumers.

GB5296.4-2012 national standard has eight requirements for the clothing tags of textile and costume: name and address of the clothing manufacturer, product name, product type or specification, fiber composition and content, maintenance methods, implementation of the product standards, Security category, precautions for use and storage which shown well on the clothing labels. Garment labels belong to one very important hang tag for the clothing industry. Woven labels and fabric labels are popular garment labels to be used by the clothing manufacturer. ES provides various unique design woven labels hangtags and fabric labels hangtags to meet your special demand.

Main hang tag: Show the logo of the garment and something with the sense of hangtag design.

Deputy hang tag: It is mainly about some information about the products such as washing method, contact number or brand introduction. If there is only one main tag, the content of the deputy tag will be printed on the reverse side. In order to save the cost, this kind of hang tag paper is thin.

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