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Faux Fur Fabric Information

Faux fur fabric is a variety of viscose fibers belonging to the category of man-made fibers (chemical fibers produced from natural cellulose).

Artificial fur is a synthetic fiber. It is made of viscose, with shortness, length and appearance similar to wool, so it is called “artificial fur”.

The viscose artificial fur is purely woven, with good moisture absorption, comfortable wearing, bright color and low price. Artificial wool fabrics used for making garments are generally finished with resin. Its shortcomings are that it is not resistant to friction, easy to pilling, and has poor washing fastness. After washing a few times, the body is soft and easy to wrinkle. Soak in cold water for 30 minutes before washing. It should be pushed in the pot when washing, or brushed with a soft brush on a clean board. Either way, you should brush gently to avoid fabric damage or resin loss. When washing, you can use neutral soap or washing powder, the washing temperature should be low, avoid the sun and fire, and hang in the ventilated place.

Artificial Plush Fabric

A plush fabric that looks like animal fur. The fluff is divided into two layers, the outer layer is bright and thick bristles, and the inner layer is fine and soft short velvet. Fake fur fabric is commonly used in coats, garment linings, hats, collars, toys, mattresses, upholstery and carpets.

Production method

The manufacturing methods of faux fur fabric include knitting (weft knitting, warp knitting and stitching) and weaving, etc. The knitting weft knitting method has the fastest development and the widest application. When knitting, the carding mechanism disperses the tops into a single fiber shape, and the knitting needles grasp the fibers and then sew into the bottom yarn to form a loop. Since the piles have a “V” shape in the coil, the knitted fabric is shaped to prevent hair loss. Imitation animal fur made by artificial methods. Acrylic fiber, modified acrylic fiber, polyvinyl chloride, etc. can be used as artificial fur raw materials, and nitrile chloride is suitable. Nowadays, the new generation of artificial fur surface layer is made of wool and polyester fiber, viscose and other blends. It is difficult to distinguish whether it is artificial or natural by ordinary burning method, because there is no sintering phenomenon after burning, all of which are charred. A wooly powder. The fluff is divided into two layers: the outer layer is 17-34 dtex, and the shaped fibers such as the waist shape, the dumbbell shape, the polygonal shape and the like have bright and thick bristles. The fineness of the inner layer of short pile fibers is 1.7 to 5.6 dtex. Manufacturing methods include knitting, weaving, and tufting fur. Commonly used artificial fur to make coats, clothing linings and decorations. Although the artificial fur is not as warm as the real fur, it is soft and beautiful, and can be made into a beautiful animal pattern, and can be dry-cleaned and fire-proof.

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