Original title: What to wear next week | Yao Chen’s workplace wear is really good!

“It’s quite good” is perfect, but I am not willing to match the work of Dayao!

In fact, in the past two years, Yao Chen has not seen many people in front of the public. But every time she appears, her style of dressing is quite biased in the workplace. It’s the kind of dressing template that is worthy of reference. It’s a Pick.

Dress: Gucci

Suit heads

In “It’s quite good,” Yao Chen is a very high-frequency single item in her workplace because of the role of the person. The style of the businesswoman in the workplace is very well shaped by the suit.

The stacking of suits and shirts is the key trend this year.

Vertical striped suit is even thinner

The material change of the suit makes the whole person’s sense of workplace have subtle changes.

Overall, Yao Chen’s suit style in the play, whether it is matching or suit style, is quite useful.

“Everything is good” Yao Chen suit style

In private service and attending events, the suit has become one of Yao Chen’s favorite items.

Ordinary black basics are monotonous, but making some design changes on the shoulder line will make a difference.

Suit: Alexander Mcqueen 2019Resort

The inside of the suit is also very important, choose a shirt with a bow element to highlight the intellectual temperament.

Reflecting the skill of the suit, it is very important to download the single item, and the leather pants can increase the strong gas field.

Change the style, the suit skirt not only highlights the feminine taste, but also the sense of workmanship in the workplace.

Colored suits can also be tried, styles and details need to be especially noticed, not too casual. In this way, even a high saturated color tone also highlights the sense of the workplace.

Atmospherically sleek dress 👗

Dresses are essential in the workplace. Yao Chen’s choice of dress style is extremely simple, no mistakes, but also advanced.

The focus of the choice of dress in the workplace is that it must not be too immature, so in terms of color, solid color is the first choice. It’s not hard to find that most of Yao Chen’s dresses are solid colors that don’t go wrong.

Just in the “cold spring” season, add a coat jacket.

Make some changes in the rotator cuff design to make the simple solid color dress have a detail surprise. It’s not boring with insurance.

A few days ago, Yao Chen attended the latest model of the event, wearing Ralph Lauren 2019ss tops & trousers. So skillful, so many items with tough details are also her favorite.

Tough detail pieces highlight the powerful gas field👑

Lines and details are very important when choosing a single item. In the design of some single items, with a little bit of hard wind, it will give a sense of workmanship.

Therefore, a single item with a sense of toughness is also a must in the workplace.

Styled accessories

Although Yao Chen’s current style is mostly a simple route, the earrings are the focus of her body.

Some line-shaped earrings can light up the whole body, and the bigger the accessories, the more points for the overall shape will be in place.

Breaking the routine, mixing and concentrating

Occasionally playing a mix of career style, is also a place to learn from Yao Chen. For example, a more sporty jacket with a more conventional short skirt, a word with high heels and instantly pull back the sense of the workplace, the rate and texture.

Therefore, occasionally in the workplace to do some elements to mix and match changes, you can find the New World!

Ok, although Da Yao doesn’t often appear in the audience’s eyes, whenever she has a new work and meets everyone, it is still a matter of super-selling queen! 👏👏👏