T-shirt, look good

ROLAROLA 2019 summer △

If you don’t have a T-shirt in your closet, it’s not perfect. T-shirts are a must-have for spring and summer, simple, generous, stylish, cool…

In addition to wearing, it can also be used as an interior, and all kinds of jackets are not in the air.

Suit ▽

Leather jacket

Denim jacket▽

Tooling jacket▽


The weather is now like the little doll, and the face is extremely fast, hot and cold. And with a T-shirt and a jacket, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s hot to wear T, cold and a coat.

A few coats are not worn.

Love beans wear a simple T-shirt, which is also superb. Such as: a large power wearing an Oversized powder T, sweet and lovely, full of girly.

Zhang Yuying seems to be cool. Two T-shirts are stacked and a denim jacket is worn outside.

The big cousin Liu Wen is very simple and very comfortable.This woman is so charming.



T-shirt on the show

Simple and generous version, decorated with letters, various prints, sequins, etc.

Carolina Herrera

Max mara

Mir Stores 2019ss

Collina Strada19SS

Christian dior 2020fw

Christian dior 2020fw

Christian dior 2020fw

Awaylee 2020fw

Awaylee 2020fw

Awaylee 2020fw

Pyer Moss19ss

SSS World Corp19SS

Coach 19ss

Collina Strada19AW

Philipp Plein19AW

Philipp Plein19AW


Alexander Wang 19AW

With a variety of jackets, all seasons.

I Am Studio 2019ss

Christian dior 2020fw

Simonetta Ravizza19AW

Simonetta Ravizza19AW

Simonetta Ravizza19AW

Simonetta Ravizza19AW

Simonetta Ravizza19AW

Simonetta Ravizza19AW


With jeans

Jeans appear frequently because they are really classic and versatile, and they fit almost every type of item.

Even a simple white T with a pair of blue jeans gives off a different glow.

A printed silk scarf can also be used as an embellishment on the waist.

All black will not have a sense of depression

Spring and summer need some bright colors to make this period of time more beautiful. And jeans can hold.


With wide-leg pants

The wide leg pants are very beautiful and practical. For girls with thick legs and leg problems, such as God assists.

Show your handsome side

Especially for people like me who like loose and comfortable, wide-leg pants + loose T-shirts, don’t be too comfortable.

For girls who want to highlight the body line, you can choose a slightly loose T-shirt. The legs of the wide-leg pants don’t have to be too wide and moderate (that is, we are slim and straight leg pants)

The split design at the leg is also very chic and more design.


With a skirt

T-shirts can also be used with a variety of skirts, but also the girl’s soft and beautiful beauty.

With a short denim skirt, even if you have a formal suit on your upper body, it won’t be too boring.

With a plaid skirt, or a half skirt with other prints & patterns, it is slim and leg length.

Like Liu Wen, the simple style can be used. After a few years, it will not be outdated and elegant.

Girls with thick thighs can choose a long skirt to modify the leg shape.

The split design can reduce the complexity of the print, and the upper body can be matched with a simple T-shirt.


Matching suit

With a suit and a T-shirt, the simplicity is not lost, just right for the spring with the right temperature.

With a pair of jeans, it’s easy to get a variety of occasions.

Wearing a suit and wearing a simple T-shirt, it saves effort.

Paired with a casual straight leg

With a short skirt, play the missing shirt, you can also use silk scarves to increase the value of the charm.


Several ways of wearing

1 tie

Fashionable people always like to play some different ways to show their personality. Such as: use a T-shirt hem to tie a knot.

2 full plug method

Full-plug method is our common dressing routine, which can improve the waistline and create a perfect ratio of 37.

3 front plug method

For the front plug method, just hide one corner of the front of the clothes into the pants and skirts. The remaining sides of the clothes can just be used as some buttocks, and the legs are long, suitable for loose T-shirts.