Original title: Trend | 19 autumn winter dress

In the hearts of girls,Dresses are unique and irreplaceable compared to other items.

As American designer DianeVon said: “To feel like a woman, please wear a dress.”

There are many kinds of dresses and styles. Even in the same color, different styles show different charms.

Let’s take a look at the popular trends of the 19 dresses~


Cover-up dress

The blouse dress is a highlight of this year’s show, and the blouse is simple and easy to match.

The simple silhouette design and smooth line feel cater to the extremely simple style that has been popular in recent years.

Cater to the trend of “long section + long section”, for example:

With long pants

With boots ▽

With a long skirt▽

Multi-level, multi-color mashup to experience the fun of stacking

Large split design on the side for a more design

It also incorporates many other popular elements such as: asymmetric design, metal chains, color block stitching, tassels, ruffles…


Draped dress

The style of the dress has been updated with a twisted, pleated design that is tight and loose, which is both slim and slim.

The use of printing to highlight the woman’s elegant beauty, different prints show a different temperament, or fresh and sweet, or gentle, or noble and cold…

The use of metallic colors, sequins embellishment…, even more highlights the glamour of the banquet.

Join the striped elements that have been popular for many years

Use high-grade fabrics to present high-quality textures such as satin, velvet, silk, knitted fabrics…


Sweater dress

Sweater dress is the key piece of spring and autumn, soft and comfortable texture makes people love it.

The sweater dress has excellent ductility, and the drape is also very good, with a sense of line.

The relaxed version is casual and comfortable, suitable for girls with a fleshy waist, and it is also popular among sweaters.

The mid-long version is also extremely popular. It is not high-pressure and easy to match. It is also updated with elements such as tiger prints, prints, and color blocks.


Streamer strap dress

The minimalist version creates a bold, colorful look with a glossy finish.

The draping design is combined with other pieces to make the strap dress more versatile.


Sports dress

Incorporating sports elements, it is closer to everyday leisure life, adding many avant-garde fashion elements, more novel and unique.


Mini dress

Mini dresses are pretty and pleasing, and are upgraded with elements such as pleats, prints, ruffles, checks, and polka dots to make the style more diverse.

Minimalist style, elegant silhouette, without too much complicated design, is also enough to attract attention.

Can be used with boots, booties, sports shoes, etc.Stack with other items, such as: high collar, shirt…


Waist dress

Focusing on the waist, the waist design is more neat and concise.

From the contour structure, it fits the body curve more and shows the natural state of the body.

Use soft, classic colors (black, white, gray, camel and other neutral colors) to create a timeless classic.

Use belts, girdle, waist packs, etc.