Spring is here, is this year’s first shirt still wearing a boring white shirt? Or a slightly personalized boyfriend shirt, the court style shirt has been fired since last year, and the first shirt in the spring is selected for the court style. Shirts are also very good, pink color, colorful prints, exaggerated sleeves, romantic lotus leaf will be the main element of this year’s shirts, and it will be fashionable together~

Let’s see how the hipsters demonstrate this year’s popular shirts~

Liu Tao’s shirt in the spring of this year chose a black-colored shirt with a dark red suit. It’s so eye-catching and handsome.

Sun Yi was wearing a white plaid shirt at the airport, wearing a small white T, and then wearing a black tights, fresh and playful, stylish and very energetic.

Spring and summer, this set of vibrant blue shirt skirts is also very fashionable and very youthful.

Song Wei’s retro matching with a printed shirt and a corduroy blazer is more unique and unique.

The cropped white shirt with three-quarter sleeves is matched with a split skirt, which is handsome and very popular in the workplace.

The V-neck shoulder white shirt with a split-shouldered leather skirt, snake-skinned boots, sexy and stylish, adds another style to the spring shirt.

Puff-sleeve shirt with a skirt, elegant and very temperament, under the black and snake skin mix and match boots, a combination of moisture.

The colorful shirts are paired with slacks and are simple to wear, giving off a springy feel.

A bright yellow shirt with black trousers, a stylish combination of personality, full of personality.

Warm and colorful coffee-colored shirt with black slacks, high-heeled sandals, vintage and elegant trend, full of temperament.

The retro court collar shirt is paired with casual jeans, and it’s a sweet and stylish look.

The pleated shirt is paired with jeans, and the nude-colored shirts are high-end, elegant and stylish.

A yellow pinstriped shirt with a red mesh skirt enhances the temperament of the clothing and is full of moisture.

With so many shirts, do you have a style you like?

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