As the saying goes, the millennial cowboy wears for years. It’s time to walk in the world with a denim jacket. However, from the time you wear it to the big denim, how to wear it is not boring and beautiful? After taking stock of many stars and “fashionable”, we obviously felt that this season’s “cowboy” was really “very busy” and was busy changing the pattern “Bo out.”

Tie dyeing

Tie-dye can be regarded as the “red fried chicken” in this season’s denim. This technique of coloring and then coloring combined with the fabric of the denim creates an irregular beauty that fully demonstrates the unconstrained and unpredictable side of the street trend culture. Hua Chenyu and Huang Xiaoming are two tie-dyed gradient denim jackets, one deep and one shallow, and the neat appearance of the neat appearance can bring out a sense of innocence.

“Snowflake Cowboy”

Since the second half of last year, Snowflake Cowboy has returned strongly. The pattern on this denim is the mottled texture of denim after bleaching, which is named after the texture of the dense snowflake beef. This retro and accented denim jacket, worn on a young and beautiful girl, has a unique taste of “big girlfriends.”


In the past two years, all brands have started to “stitch” with the stitching denim. Whether it is a jacket or a pair of pants, it is not special to put on a piece of cloth. The plaid stitching of denim and shirt and the asymmetric patch splicing are all common styles.

Pants “scrape well” can also be the crowning touch of the whole body. The bold contrast between the trousers and the left and right sides also brought the jeans to a new height.

In addition, the same material of the fabric, using different shades of different colors, you can embellish some changes in the low-key, so that the visual experience will not be too dull. For example, Guan Xiaoying’s denim jacket, if it is a single color is not good enough, but now the depth to light tone changes, make this jacket look different.

Today’s denim is also very bold in terms of color. Rose pink, fragrant purple, big red, cherry blossom powder and other colors have “upper body”, only you can not think of the color that no designer dare not use! In general, the pink denim is the most popular among the girls, and the red denim is bright and vibrant. If it is properly matched with the overall shape, it will be more youthful.

In addition to racking your brains in color and style, the cowboy mixes with some elements and can also produce stunning effects.

Denim skirt

The combination of denim and veil can make the “fairy” instantly return to 18 years old. The cowboy’s toughness is matched with the sleek mesh elements, which highlights the light and feminine qualities of women. This combination of soft and simple is becoming one of the most fashionable combinations.

Mesh with denim

This denim jacket in the Cecilia Airport Street shot gives a strong visual impact. The hole mesh element is used in the design of the denim, which is chic and trendy.

If you use denim as a small item, how would you design it? Julia’s suit skirt, coupled with a pair of denim girdle, looks like a casually cut denim, breaking the sullen feeling that the suit is easy to create, although the beauty of the shape is a matter of opinion, but the brain of the costume designer is not allowed. Not admirable.