The temperature has finally warmed up, and the love of the little cute people has long been hidden. For girls, the nice dress is definitely the best choice to break the dull. Today, F Jun will give everyone Amway to start the spring. What should I wear for the first wave of small skirts!

Star Flower has long put on a beautiful dress

“GuCCI” Ni Ni attended the fashion and fashion show of Milan Fashion Week Gucci2019 autumn and winter, chose the 2019 spring and summer series of red and blue striped sea soul wind white silk dress fairy fluttering ~ wearing square metal frame flat mirror, retro and literary, smart Elegant again~

Qin Yu wore the ToryBurch 2019 spring and summer series of printed mosaic dresses, with the same series of printed jackets and small embroidered knit handbags stunning appearance, Gypsy girl’s sense of sight, elegant and playful to the mirror, the fairy is full of the goddess style.

Zhang Yining appeared in the Lanvin 2019 autumn and winter show, a white deep v dress, with white high heels on the show floor, the overall shape is retro and elegant, exudes a romantic French atmosphere.

Which dress styles are popular this spring and summer, go to the 2019 Spring/Summer Fashion Week show!

Which dress styles should I buy this season:

Printed dress

The printing elements with a strong charm can best represent the breath of spring. Many fast fashion brands will produce a lot of styles every year, and one will make the look convenient and beautiful.

Zhong Chuyi’s red print skirt with thick heel boots, mother-man combination, beautiful.

Zhang Yining was invited to attend the Salvatore Ferragamo 2019 autumn and winter series conference. She wore a black flower pattern shirt dress with a bright orange windbreaker and a bohemian style.

Regarding the pattern of the skirt, the floral pattern of summer is still popular.

Coach 1941 2019 New York Fashion Week show in autumn and winter, Tian Wang 嫂 Kun Ling was invited to watch the show, a floral skirt with a fringed leather vest, a pair of deep red high heels, retro thick-soled design to support her woman’s charm.

This abstract art pattern is also very eye-catching.from

Looks retro and style.

The sleek print skirt is full of romance, and the British attire of the blazer can be integrated with the print, allowing you to spend the whole spring and summer with a vivid and vivid heart.

The combination of an elegant long trench coat and a freshly printed skirt can give a refreshing feeling, and the choice of a thinner style in spring looks more chic.

Knitted elements combined with skirts, lazy and a little more woman’s romance.

Polka dot dress

The wave point will never be outdated, it is a very classic pattern, and the gentle and elegant style is intertwined with a unique fresh retro feeling. A refreshing and playful polka-dot dress that will instantly make you “naughty”~

“Women’s Romantic Travel 2” Zhang Ziyi wears a black and white polka-dot skirt to draw a single-board boat to create a fresh and elegant holiday style.

Gu Li Nazha private service, the summer girl under the retro wave skirt.

As soon as a white dress is integrated into the wavelet point, it will be fresh and lively, and the girls will arrange it quickly~

The black-and-white dress adds a sexy element to neutralize the old feeling.

How can the tulle be light and sweet? Adding the wave element is not wrong, the upper body is the proper fairy feel.

Wear a black and white polka dot piece, try more color points to make the shape more individual.

The power-saving tube top red polka-dot dress is sexy and energetic at the same time, and the hem is a fashionable and careful machine that highlights the long legs.

Plaid dress

In the past few seasons, the latest fashion week show or street shooting has maintained a high rate of appearance. This is not an exaggerated attitude that is not impetuous. It is simply a stream of fashion in the fashion circle. The plaid skirt is the most tuned single item in the plaque, which successfully dominates the fashion circle!

Naza shoots a pictorial, a yellow off-the-shoulder plaid skirt and a design-style hollow boots, which is a sweet and fascinating elf.

The red-bottomed black-grid plaid skirt wears a youthful feel on Ouyang Nana, with a pink Miu Miu full of girlish sense.

A sling or off-shoulder plaid dress is very fresh, whether it is blue or white plaid or red and white plaid, can highlight the small and fresh literary temperament.

Shirt dress

Like a simple style girl, a minimalist shirt skirt is worth having. The reason why the shirt skirt can last for a long time is that it is not only a single product that spans the whole age, but also has its own versatility to hold all the occasions. Only one upper body can save the gas field and fashion. It also saves the trouble of matching.

In the spring and summer, wearing a simple sky blue shirt skirt, wearing retro exaggerated earrings, hair style is still her usual lazy wind, full of literary and artistic, elegant and quiet with a smart temperament ~

Tang Yan used a long streamlined shirt to fold into a red knit vest, which was a good proportion of the belt, and a pair of boots on the foot, fried chicken beauty!

Yan Qingzi was invited to attend the MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION 2019 Fall Collection fashion show. The lake blue shirt dress with brown gold hole wide belt, elegant and not losing, is the urban modern girl is right!

The white dress that symbolizes the literary atmosphere is simple and casual. The white shirt is hardly picking people. Whether you are a playful girl or a fashionable and handsome sister, you can wear your own taste.

The striped elements will be fired in the spring and summer seasons. The striped shirt skirt will be worn, which will not only wear good temperament, but also be slim.

In addition to the simple and generous, long-lasting basic novelty styles can catch the eye, the style of adding gorgeous elements has been popular in recent years, such as a variety of asymmetric tailoring, ruffled design…….. Wearing it alone is very eye-catching!

Knit Dress

The knit skirt has both fashion and temperature. It is definitely the spring that is most suitable for warmth and cold. It can also reveal the female curves without moving, and easily wear a lazy sexy, unlocking the charm of a wave of people!

Knit dresses with a sturdy suit and jacket can create a sophisticated and stylish woman.

Knitting + knitting is also a good match, lazy and comfortable.

Knitted dresses with long coats create a distinct layering that allows for a chic, chic, while knit fabric retains the feminine character of women.

A belt can also avoid the wearing of the knit dress in the minefield, invisible to improve the proportion of the waist line to modify the body, while more decorative effects.

Satin dress

Among all the skirts, the satin skirt is the most memorable, unforgettable, it is elegant and light, and it is as elegant as flowing water, with its own high and gentle atmosphere. Although the satin skirt looks at the “ungrounded air”, it is not difficult to wear in the seasons of madness and mix, but it can be combined with other items in your wardrobe!

Yang Mi wearing a Michael Kors camouflage knit shirt outside the vest, looks like a tough shape with a black satin skirt, but also boldly blended into the lace elements, so that the original handsome shape is full of femininity.

Du Fu is wearing a pink sweater, wearing a pink satin skirt and red high heel sandals. This style is a combination of literary and goddess temperament, that is, to meet the cool temperament of the cuckoo, but also the feminine charm of women.

Satin skirts have always given people a sense of high and comfortable, and such skirts can be combined with unique styles when paired with windbreakers, so that you are very beautiful!

It is also very suitable for pairing with the hot suits of the past two years. The collision of two different materials will be very fashionable and casual, and it is officially lazy!

Or take a jacket outside, it is a very popular combination of soft and soft this season.

Fairy skirt

In the heart of every girl, there is probably a fairy dream, wearing a beautiful fairy skirt, can satisfy all your fantasies about the fairy. Fairy skirts are not only worn on red carpets, but also can be boldly tried in the daily wear, the season of peach blossoms everywhere, wearing a romantic and romantic fairy skirt to be a moving girl!

Zhang Wei is a pink lace stitching dress with a split slit and a pair of over-the-knee boots. It is very fashionable.

This spring and summer, the most recommended color is the beautiful macarons fairy skirt, many It Girl is wearing. Whether it’s a touch of blue-green or a lively yellow, it’s very lovable, making it easy to focus on the lens.

Zhang Jia Ni appeared in the Stella McCartney 2019 autumn and winter show, the tender green dress with the pink handbag, was beautiful!

FairyThe skirt and the tough suit are seemingly illegal, but the actual but appropriate CP. The fairy skirt lowered the formality of the suit, and the suit sublimated the texture of the fairy skirt, reducing the sweetness of the fairy skirt, which is exquisite!

The tough and straight denim jacket is just right with a soft and elegant dress.

Cool leather and elegant dresses, seemingly incompatible temperament with an unexpected look, can be just soft and temperament is not too love.

The most beautiful but fairy skirt, and its match with the windbreaker, not only retains the elegance and fairy of the fairy skirt, but also with the skill and atmosphere of the windbreaker.

Knitwear comes with a heavy texture, with a fairy skirt is very beautiful, soft and beautiful, it seems that the whole person is gentle and light.