Ni Ni has always been a street shooter in the entertainment industry, and every street shot is beautiful. Recently, Ni Ni announced on her own Weibo a group of photos taken in Disney Street, sunny fashion, but also with a little playful. Ni Ni De Street has a good photo shoot, and it is indispensable for fashion and comfortable clothing. Let’s learn the trend of Ni Ni together~

Going to Disney to meet Ni Ni, sunny fashion.

Dark blue letter print base, jacket pink cardigan knit, under the light pink casual pants and flat shoes, the sun is refreshingly worn. Wearing a rabbit ear headband, ageing and playful sun wear, full of fashionable fan.

Ni Ni is wearing a casual red suit with a small white T, wearing a versatile casual liquid trousers, a pair of thick heel shoes, a stylish and temperamental wear, a long leg full of eye-catching, full of spring breath The temperament is charming.

Ni Ni chose a red plaid trench coat, a casual shirt with a soy color, and a fashionable small bag. The sun was full of atmosphere and the trend was full.

Ni Ni is wearing a suspender jumpsuit. She wants to wear a knitwear as a belt, and she has a slim body and a shape.

Ni Ni is a lavender knit cardigan with a white bottoming shirt and loose jeans with sneakers. The youthful sun is matched with moisture.

Have you learned how to wear Ni Ni’s temperament? Wear it together and feel the sunshine of this spring day! Take a photo of the beautiful street.