In the spring, the common coats include windbreakers and denim jackets, which are also good for handsome leather jackets. In addition to these, the spring coats can also choose a gentle and delicate tweed jacket. The unique material fabric and the characteristic warp and weft interweave make the tweed jacket more advanced, demonstrating the temperament and also maintaining the warmth! Choose a simple inner set, and then pair it with a pair of jeans, still stylish and very temperament It is very suitable for commuting to work.

Let’s take a look at how to use this tweed jacket!

Song Yu’s body is light green twill tweed suit, foot ankle boots, with the same color of the mouth cover, showing slender legs, very eye-catching. The design of the high-waist line highlights the perfect figure, and it does not lose the girly sense.

Song Wei’s other tweed jacket is also very good, Chanel’s yellow twill tweed jacket, with a simple ripped jeans, simple and neatly worn temperament, feet on the ginger casual booties, the whole body echoes the match It looks very springy and very eye-catching.

Blue tweed jacket with dark blue wide-leg pants of the same color, delicate and very waist-wearing, full of moisture.

Li Wei is wearing a tweed jacket with black tights and handsome short boots. The fashionable and long-legged temperament is matched with moisture.

Rose’s tweed suit with splicing models, a high-waist leather pants and sunglasses, is still domineering. The gas field of the Seven Brothers is big.

Komatsu’s tweed suit, white bottoming shirt, high-heeled sandals, and a simple mix of spring fresh.

Liu Shishi wore a white red temperament tweed suit, and she also showed sexy legs and temperament.

Jiang Shuying wore a tweed jacket with a white T inside, a denim pencil pants, and a pair of cats and heels. Simple and stylish, fresh and stylish, with a springy atmosphere.

Zhang Jiani is wearing a pink scented tweed coat with denim shorts and high heels. It is elegant and extravagant.

Zhang Hanhan’s Chanel white tweed tweed jacket is refreshing and gentle, with black loose casual pants and small white shoes. It is natural and casual with a lively charm.

Is your tweed coat on the line! Get dressed up~