Original title: Simple 4 steps to teach you to wear long legs in the spring.

“How to match is not coordinated, I don’t know what to wear.”,

Today, I will solve these troubles for the mini girls by Xiao Ai!

From the one that you bought, you can’t go wrong.

The latest popular spring seasons are all included.

There is also a 154cm mina model Takahashi love to teach in person

Do not miss the high-profile cheats!


You don’t need special matching skills to look tall and stylish!

The three types of bottoms that mini girls must buy

First of all, tops + trousers

The pants must have one!

The difference between the pants type and the material will lead to the version.

There are a lot of differences, and you must do your homework before you buy.

Long skirt

Beige twill fabric can be used

Create a sense of leisureIt can also interpret elegance.

Put the sweater slightly rolled up into the pants

The high-waist visual effect will be highlighted.

Small objects use black to achieve convergence.

Knitted trousers

Loose trousers that do not fit the leg type with a drape

It is a good partner for mini girls.

The feeling of loose laziness is popular nowadays.

It can create a visual effect that is all under the chest.

Printed dress

The flowing feel of the tulle is perfectly combined with the sense of the lower body.

Emphasize the waist line by stacking or waistband.

It has both long legs and a sense of maturity.

The overall feel of the dress is sweeter.

So use jeans and windbreakers to create a handsome feeling.


Summarized the three denim items that Xiaoai repeatedly wears.

I found the best style for the mini girl.

Wear the beautiful leg effect that ordinary jeans don’t have.

Straight jeans

Simple black straight jeans are very cool! The lining is also black Urvin’s jeans, which roll up the trousers and move the center of gravity down.Can create slender legs.

Flare jeans

The midline of this pair of jeans has a longitudinal extension. The fancy sweater allows the line of sight to focus on the upper body, and the high heels help to lengthen the body proportions. Create a sense of maturity with a high profile.

Tight denim skirt

The denim skirt is easy to look childish, so it is chosen for the deep, deep cyan. Want to make your legs look longer, choose a high waist style!


It is easy to look childish and easy to look cheesy…

Those who want to wear and wear good-looking items, with a big publicity

Short dress

It seems that the simple doll dress is just to wear black to be thin! The small objects come together with the earth color system, and the low-key color matching will make the overall feeling more mature.

Recommended match

Jackets and booties have chosen a handsome style.

Bib pants

Loose styles are easier to look naive. The inner bottoming shirt has a close-fitting style to balance the overall feeling. Shoes with a thin high heel show femininity.

Recommended match

The sleek black bib with a pure white sweater emphasizes the contrast of color. The overall color needs to choose the same color system, and the bag has a transparent design with a design sense.

Knit leggings

The less the exposed area of ​​the bare legs, the thinner the legs, and the shirt skirt is slightly mature, so the color is used to expose the corner of the leggings, increasing the sense of leisure.

Recommended match

Dark knit leggings are a highlight. Use your high heels to stretch your legs.

Wide leg pants

Because the trousers are relatively large, the top is stuffed in the trousers to make it more slim. A specially tailored off-shoulder top that locks the line of sight to the shoulder and shows that the leg length is invincible.

Recommended match

The wide-leg pants are made of a light and thin material with a loose sweater. The style of the one-shoulder sweater is also very sexy.


There are so many fashionable bottoms in the spring!

We invite Xiaoai to bring everyone to pick it up.

It is suitable for the high style of the mini girl.

Vertical striped pants

Houndstooth and black side stripes create a long feminine long legs.

Split skirt

Adult cotton skirts can also be worn very fashionable. The higher the split, the longer the leg can look.

Care machine dress

You can go out and put on the ultra-convenient & immediately become a high-dress girl must not miss it! The LOGO embroidery at the split ends is also very personal. A single dress will look a little thin, so use thick sandals to add weight.

Perspective wind trousers

It doesn’t look cheesy at all, and the perspective of the wind will not affect the overall focus. It is also OK to wear directly, and it is also very nice to wear in other long coats.

Splicing maxi skirt

The style of the split-fork is bold and sleek. The length of the ankle can be exposed just right. The combination of beige and black has a mature flavor and is very thin.

Find the spring day outfit that suits you.

It’s a charming lady who looks like a big long leg.