Hello, everyone, little cute, good evening duck, you really want to wear the column and update it. Today, the rain brother brings you the most popular suits for spring and summer this year, so I don’t have to say try on!

Velvet suit

The velvet suit is the new favorite of the fashion circle in the past two years. The velvet material comes with extravagance, which makes the overall fit immediately become very advanced.

I chose ZARA’s new velvet suit this time. The material is light and not bloated, which is very suitable for the micro fat girl.

Its version is very good, straight-shaped to modify the figure, the waist with a little tightening design, very friendly to the pear shape.

The tentacle texture is also very good, the only drawback is a bit sticky.

Rough suit

The rugged suit comes with an elegant feminine charm that is suitable for both the workplace and dating.

With a skirt of the same material, there is a sense of high-level wear, full of accents.

The double-breasted design is visually thinner, but less friendly to people with thick arms.

The material is not good, the price is a bit high.

Plaid suit

The checkered suit is the hottest suit in the past two years, so the street shooter has one person, the versatility is super strong, and it also comes with a retro feel.

This red tweed suit is very kind of Chanel-style elegance, the material is relatively thick, and it is very warm when it is stacked in the spring for a year.

This red color is very refreshing and white, and the skin color immediately increases a color number.

Choosing a small skirt in the lower body is enough to pick out, and the date is very beautiful.

And this brown checkered suit has a more retro taste, and the material is lighter and thinner.

It is a refreshing taste with a cool taste and is very fashionable.

The shoulder pad is designed for girls who slip shoulders and round shoulders. I have already picked up my hand.

I’ve seen it all