Recently, the girls have been unable to withstand the “commotion” of the ankles, and they are not in a hurry to want it to come out and release the wind. After all, the spring of recovery of all things should also wake up the ankles!

So what I want to tell you today is

Slim pants It is! Although it is only a few centimeters shorter, it instantly enhances the sense of fashion, and it is also amazing! Look at how the street girls are driving!

Jeans with canvas shoes, no mistakes, not only

Very casual, but also a sense of free and easy~ The neutral wind is particularly handsome, straight jeans can not only modify the leg shape, there is no requirement for the lower body, but also special retro, full of temperament.

Black is synonymous with gas field, even if it is wearing casual clothes, it can reveal a little sense of formality.

The wide-leg style cropped trousers are all windy, so it is suitable for wearing now.A casual mix is ​​both sleek and stylish, even if it is a plain color, there will be highlights, and the skin will win half.

The exaggerated wide-legged cowboy is even less picky.

The overall style is casual and casual, and the tops are casually paired with loose T-shirts.When choosing this kind of trousers, pay attention to the shoes with heavy feelings. Otherwise, there will be a total “top-heavy” feeling. Old-fashioned shoes are a good choice.

The consistent pursuit of pear-shaped body can help you avoid weaknesses.With a white T-shirt, it is both fashionable and handsome, and the whole is full of personality.

A good-looking young lady doesn’t have to worry about anything.

The jeans with high waist and tight legs are nice to wear, short sweater with baseball cap. The proper Korean girlish style is no worse than the ins.

Nine pants + leather jacket, very neat and crisp.With a white T-shirt inside, it plays a very good neutral role, and it won’t be too dull in the bright spring.

Printed T-shirt with pants, although it’s black, it’s full of scent.

Feet pants with slim ankles, leg shape, high waist and leg lengthI feel that monotony can choose a small accessory on the chest to light up the overall shape, which is similar to the feeling of street style in Europe and America.

Textured tooling trench coat, looks handsome and capable, with canvas shoes to make the overall style more diverse.It is not a sudden, a tall girl, usually likes the elegant style, can be used for reference.

Well, nine pants are said here, a brother is very recommended for everyone to start a oh, really super practical, fashion sense and temperament decided to prop up a whole spring and summer!