Speaking of Hello Kitty, maybe you will immediately think of a few key words: pink, bow, little princess, sprouting 哒… More likely you don’t like this cat with only a little bit of “feeling”. But you can’t deny that this “white fat man” who seems to be “rounded” has actually been on fire for half a century.

Hello Kitty in memory is always a lovely cute story to accompany us. In the winter fashion week of 2019 Shanghai Fashion Week, designer Leaf Xia will join Hello Kitty back to New York, a life story, or remind us that Hello Kitty will grow up like every girl. The new series theme “Face the Fear with Love” is the designer’s six-year thoughts in New York.

Leaf Xia is a eponymous fashion brand founded in New York in 2016 by the independent designer. The founder and creative director graduated in 2015 from the famous American college, Parsons School of Design.

Leaf xia’s rich volunteer experience in the early years gave her a unique life experience and made her design emotional. The designer specializes in blending highly saturated colors and unconstrained collage ideas into a variety of designs. The brand has a romantic color, a strong silhouette and a signature print. The designer conveys the fun to the world through the powerful language of fashion. Happy positive energy.

During his undergraduate course, Leaf Xia was an intern at American fashion brand ANNA SUI, and was selected to co-operate with Columbia University Business School and Italian luxury brand LORO PIANA and French luxury brand LALIQUE.

The graduation series “MY WONDERLAND” was selected for the Parsons Annual Graduation Show and was displayed at the New York luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue. In the same year, it won the “FASHION SCOUT ONES TO WATCH” award in London’s famous rookie contest and was invited to participate in London Fashion Week.

Since 2015, Leaf Xia has been invited to London Fashion Week three times, and his design works have attracted popular media such as VOGUE, SCHON and ELLE.

The LEAF XIA brand aims to provide a fun, flamboyant and lively color aesthetic for a woman who is independent, honest, dare and passionate about life, and has a youthful lifestyle.

The designer prefers the pureness of the girl, loves the powerful women who have the girl-like qualities, and advocates bravely doing themselves in the adult world. In this era of incomparably fresh, these women are bold and gentle, straightforward and gentle, focused and believe in intuition, sensitive and strong.

“I found that fairy tales need to be created by myself. This is a sign of growth.” Beginning in 2015, each season’s series will tell a story of the designer Leaf Xia, who has been creating with the stories around him.

In 2015, “My Wonderland” is the illusion and joy of the mysterious world that is about to enter when I graduated. In 2016, “I see you” began to calm down, interpret and think about myself. The “Superwoman” created in 2017 is full. The world struggles to run, and the warmth and memory of friends. Did you read the 2018 story?

19 spring and summer series

The LEAF XIA 2019 Spring/Summer collection is based on the fantasy story of the Unreal Planet. This season, designers still use the immature way of storytelling to tell the love and temperature of the brand. With “be my rose” as the theme of the series, the designer Leaf has devoted the noisy love and temperature in the thousands of thoughts to the carefully crafted fantasy.

In the three time-space scenes of the illusory and realistic interlaced scenes, bold and vivid fabric collages are in front of you, and all kinds of sentimental prints are full of colorful colors, telling a fantasy story buried deep in the heart.

The SS19 series is called “be my rose”. This is an evening in the summer, after the designers revisited “Little Prince”, it opened a topic about women. The life story of the creator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is interpreted indefinitely, and the rose is metaphorized as his divorced wife. In the vast planetary universe where the little prince is located, the story of the rose and the beginning of Ai Lili ceased abruptly and hurried as a passer-by.

So “doing yourself (my) roses” became a warm invitation.

“I hope to give magic to the character of the rose, and the ending is to make people feel full of happiness,” Leaf said.‘be my rose’ is a courageous invitation to yourself, and instead of wishing for others, why not irrigate a rose of your own?” Leaf Xia said.


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19 autumn and winter series

Hello Kitty in memory has always been a cute and lovely way to accompany us. This season’s designer, Leaf Xia, and Hello Kitty will return to New York, a story full of life stories, or remind us that Hello Kitty will grow up like every girl. The new series theme “face the fear with love” is a metaphor for the memories of designers in New York.

| Wonderful three-minute video of the show |

Thoughts are twirling, growing up, oily prawns and neon lions are hidden in this season’s romantic solid color, gorgeous stitching, strong contours and prints. This season, the designer continues to use the best printing and collage techniques to express his enthusiasm for the city of New York.

The subway line of the subway turns into a down jacket line. The collision of culture and the sense of integration are ingeniously combined with a printed story. With the ultimate detail, the designer’s scene in New York is restored. This season’s theme is “Face the fear with love”. “: Color, food, New York street scene in the lively memories of every pen is full of color, why not face the most vivid love in memory!


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Among the 16 sets that have taken the lead, there are large-scale logo prints that are presented in full-length long down jackets or in velvet wide-leg pants that are wide-area. Rich element stacking, high-saturated color and reflective materials, vivid hand-made beads make the thick and bloated down jacket look fresh.



Hello Kitty

This season, the designer is working with the super cute star character Hello Kitty to play the show. In the special series of LEAF XIA x Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty put on the festive Chinese clothes, and took a happy time machine to shuttle in Chinatown. Lion dances, hot dog stalls on the street and romantic sunsets on the streets of New York. Hello Kitty and the model are fashionable cool cute girls, fun and flamboyant.

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Spicy Yoko

Leaf Xia, who just finished his trip to New York Fashion Week, will return to Shanghai Fashion Week with the AW19 series. At 17:30 on April 3, at the Taiping Lake Plaza in Xintiandi, another colorful show will be opened.Designer Leaf Xia will not only be brand new, but also add a new item to the New York Fashion Week collection. In addition, the venue for this Shanghai Fashion Week is worth looking forward to. The index is also quite high. According to reports, the show will properly restore the fantasy scenes in this season’s theme and present the show in a semi-exhibition manner.

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