The shirts are indispensable in spring, but the basic shirts and jeans are a bit too common to wear. Then try a non-basic shirt, a full-featured shirt, stylish and very personal, so you can easily wear the romance and vitality of spring!

The design of the avant-garde trend makes the non-basic shirts more individual. Let’s take a look at how fashion-conscious people can control their own shirts.

Simple plaid shirt, because the two belts become different, the knot of the clothes hem, coupled with a black skirt, white high heels, stylish and feminine, the trend is still very high. Exudes a vintage and elegant atmosphere.

Wen Yanshan wears this design-inspired stitching striped shirt, bringing a fresh spring atmosphere, full of personality and stylish temperament.

An off-the-shoulder sling stripe shirt with retro-trimmed jeans and flat-bottomed shoes. The plains reveal the fashion trend of spring wear. Simple and very personal wear.

Black leather shirt is still so versatile, under the washed jeans, feet on the individual high heels, simple and very street-style personality wear, how to shoot is very fashionable.

Sexy deep V print shirt with retro jeans, fresh and age-old fashion wear, coupled with a pair of flat shoes, exudes the vitality of spring, the sun is still very fashionable.

Purple square collar lantern sleeve shirt, with retro ripped jeans, coupled with black cat heel shoes, retro sexy wear, not only age-old but also very fashionable.

Simple white shirt, no buckle and more personality, under the retro curled jeans, fresh and fashionable.

Brightly printed shirts with a full-cut design, retro jeans, and a mix of personality makes your spring wear more romantic and trendy.

Navy neck shirt with slim cropped trousers, simple mix and match, fresh age, full of sense of fashion.

Simple pink sleeve shirt with retro jeans, cool spring day match, full of moisture.

The non-essential shirts are more avant-garde and individual, and easily light up the spring’s vitality.