Recently, Ma Yizhen announced a group of photo street beats, and she returned to her ultra-short hair again, wearing blue jumpsuits, and she was clever. Ma Yizhen’s short hair is still so handsome and charming. Compared to Ma Yizhen’s long hair, I prefer her short hair, handsome and handsome, full of sense of high quality, and very temperament.

Let’s take a look at Ma Yizhen, who is short-haired, how to distribute her high-level fan.

Ma Yi is wearing a blue jumpsuit, with a neat and short hair, simple mix, full of fashion temperament, but also a high sense. Ultra-short hair style, slightly neutral, but still feminine.

Ma Yi wearing a black suit, with high heels, sexy deep V suit jacket, exudes the charm of intellectual elegance. A little longer short hair, still simple and succinct, handsome and stylish.

Neutral blue pinstripe suit, white base, white shoes, casual and handsome, cool and stylish. I really like this casual and trendy mix.

This is the return to the super Ma Yi, the trend of fashion, the gas field is not only full of sense of high quality.

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