It Girl, how it feels like a long time noun. Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Alexa Chung… After these It Girl ancestors ignited and tended to be dull, are we left with some so-called network “Supreme Goddess”?

What is It Girl? The explanation on the web is:“Sexy and charming young ladies, or women who often appear in the mainstream media and attending parties all day long. Their personal achievements are not the main reason for their media attention, and the good development will eventually become the star of true meaning” .

To be honest, I think the above interpretation may have been put in place ten years ago, but today, we should have a new explanation for It Girl. She is not just a material girl who takes a famous brand and participates in various red carpet gatherings all day. She should have talent, strength, and influence in the fashion circle. Today I want to tell you about the It Girl, Peggy Gou, who has gained momentum in the fashion circle in recent years.

Personal brand Kirin

The first thing to say is the reason that prompted this article – Kirin. In my opinion, It Girl is always a slash youth. They may be models and make movies. The anchors are also street shooters. They can even be like Peggy Gou. They are editors and DJs, or illustrators.

Cooperated with Liu Yaren’s art space as an illustrator

Peggy was originally a journalist editor of a famous fashion magazine. Later, he found that he really loved music, and then went to Berlin to “learn” to become a professional DJ.

As a DJ achievement, I don’t think I have to say it. I am shortlisted for the best music of Apple Music and Pitchfork. Sometimes I watch her wearing a variety of big-name discs. I can’t tell whether it is a Fashion Influencer or a professional musician. .

But then she said:

“I told myself that I want to really do my music and I won’t be in the fashion industry anymore, but in the end I found out that I can’t live without it.”

Recently, Peggy Gou announced the launch of his own personal brand Kirin. After competing reports from various fashion media, I also saw her “parent daughter” in the second time.

At first I thought it was the same as the general net red push brand, first out of a series of logo shirt canvas bags, but she is not.

Let’s first take a look at her first series of LookBook. Whether it’s the design of the print, the variety of pieces, the tailoring of the clothes and the color matching, Peggy Gou’s own name is completely written.

From the fashion editor to the designer, she finally put the “claw” into the fashion world. And behind all this, is it related to Virgil Abloh?

Detecting whether a person is a fire or not has become a very important criterion for It Girl – that is, the network is good. Peggy is definitely one of the best girls in the fashion industry.

Kirin is the brand of Peggy and the New Guards Group, and this group is the parent company of Off-White. Once Virgil and Marcelo Burlon said to Peggy Gou who was playing on the stage: “We want to build a fashion for you.” Brand, you come to be a designer.” I didn’t expect it to happen long.

Peggy and Marcelo Burlon

At the Paris Fashion Week, where everyone was busy flying, Kirin first released the first new collection, and invited a lot of faces that you are familiar with. Virgil Abloh, Marcelo Burlon, Yoo Ahn, Sita Abellan, etc. all appeared in one game at the same time.

Behind the support from the fashion house, the brand’s tonality is also very much in line with the aesthetic of the current street culture, plus Peggy’s own cool girl aura, how Kirin will develop after we will wait and see!

personal style

After enjoying Peggy’s talent, let’s take a look at her. It is Korean, but she is not a typical Korean girl. The three-dimensional facial features seem to be her atmosphere.

Unlike most bloggers, Peggy has the healthy and sexy skin of wheat, and is not a slender and thin ribs.

She likes to bask in the sun very much. Almost every time she will see a lot of island washing versions, it is a hot beach girl!

clothing style

From the original fashion editor to the current designer, Peggy has long started to use her clothes to circle the powder. To be honest, I pay attention to her INS because she wears good enough.

It is almost the top of the trend food chain, and the new item is the first time.

It is even more of a concern for girls. The big-name grass growers, brand-name bags and feminine items can also be worn very well.

Like big names, it is also a complete female toe, definitely not limited to the brand and a style. I really want to take her wardrobe away!

Peggy’s most important style of wear is – print, whether it’s an iconic brand print or a variety of interesting little patterns, is her favorite piece to match.

When I work on the DJ station, it is definitely the most fashionable DJ!

There are people with talents and clothes, this girl, I am going to powder!