The weather is getting better and better, and the season of wearing a dress is gone. The trend of the classic polka-dot dress is back. The energetic polka-dot dress is more elegant and temperament, and it is also very feminine. Even if it is hot and sexy, it always has the feeling of a prostitute and a little princess. Are you ready to have such a vane dress?

Put on the wave dress together with the fashionistas~

Di Lieba wears a white polka-dot fishtail dress, wearing a gorgeous black gemstone crown, elegant and elegant to wear, walks up to show the full atmosphere, full of Queen Fan.

Yang Mi wears a wave of A-line skirt, high waist line dress, not only can pull the waist line, but also cleverly wear a small waist. Showcasing the trend of fashion and elegance.

Li Wei is wearing a ruffled shoulder-shoulder dress, fresh and lively design, full of girly, high-waisted lace-up design, but also more leg-length, gorgeous and very temperament polka dot dress.

Li Wei’s other black polka-dot dress is also very good, classic black and white polka-dot dress, stylish and a little lazy.

Chen Yuxi is dressed in a spring and summer retro dress, with a girdle to wear, simple and very beautiful body, exquisite makeup smiles fresh and pleasant. The girl is full of fan.

Jing sweet white tube top small wave point dress, dignified and elegant, princess fan full, simple and light wear, very princess temperament.

Miao Miao wears a black polka-dot dress, elegant skirt, elegant atmosphere, but also very temperament.

A black long-sleeved polka-dot dress with white long beard and black sunglasses, the trend of temperament wear, not only avant-garde but also very fan.

White shirt collar dress, simple and more sophisticated, feet on black high heels, leg length, but also very temperament.

A white slim polka-dot dress with a unilateral shoulder, paired with red high-heeled shoes, and a temperamental wear, exudes fashion charm.

Lightweight white polka-dot dress with sneakers, sunny and youthful, energetic. Very springy.

The sleek and elegant polka-dot dress is so charming, with a bit of spring vitality.