I put out the candlelight

Night from the open window

Embrace me tenderly, be friends with me, and be my brothers and sisters.

We both suffer from homesickness, sitting with dreams full of prophecy, talking about the past

Little beautiful girls are good at night.

Recently, the temperature has risen, I think everyone wants to buy it and buy it.

The little sisters around me started to be crazy

I thought I was caught in the vortex of love.

I have to start to pack myself.

I didn’t expect it to just suppress my shopping desire.

Once you open Taobao, you will start buying and buying.

So, share some fast fashion brands today.

Small release of shopping desire

Let’s push a wave for the student party first.

Pazzo overseas flagship store

PAZZO is a Taiwanese brand

It will be established in 2010.

Very few women in clothes

Mainly simple and comfortable everyday dress style

The most important thing is that the color is clean and comfortable.

MONKI official flagship store

In 2009, H&M acquired and successfully launched

Its second sub-brand: Monki

at this time

Monki and Weekday

And Cheap Monday is a sister brand.

Both belong to H&M

This shop is mainly a fun girl route

Relatively friendly to small people

Most of the clothes are trendy

So you need a certain amount of skill.

UR official flagship store

UR is short for URBAN REVIVO

Hong Kong, China, fast fashion brand

Is a super worth visiting shop

Student party and workplace sister paper are more suitable

Style is centered on youthful vitality

More importantly, there are many short coats.

I bought 3 such short coats at her house.

With straight pants and high heels are very high.

MANGO flagship store

In the work, it is inevitable that there will be some occasions that need to be worn more formally.

In the selection of small suits, neither want to be too formal

But want to be competent and type

This shop may be a good choice

And most of the items are elegant, classic and wearable

Advanced sense MAX

There are still a lot of shirts to choose from at home.

After all, 50% of the tops of the workplace sisters are made up of shirts.

Stradivarius official flagship store

The reason for recommending this store is completely better.

Clothes are still more design

But need to choose well

Some single-item papers may be a little difficult to control.

It’s also crazy when it’s discounted.

For example, a T-shirt of around 20 yuan

These stores mentioned above

Most offline stores have physical stores.

Don’t stay at home on weekends.

Go to the mall and have a look, try it.

Basically, these things are today.