A woman who exudes charm is not just simple gentleness or elegance

Mixing the “handsome” temperament in the gesture

It’s getting more and more people’s desires

Of course, the handsomeness of a woman seems a bit complicated.

Balancing handsome and feminine traits is the top priority

Not every woman can

Combine “handsome” with your own right

Today we took stock

Five items that a handsome woman needs most

Help everyone in the easiest way

Create your own handsome style

Stiff suit


Suits are one of the most indispensable items in countless fashions.

But a suit that will make you handsome

The word “straight” must be a keyword

Whether you choose straight or waist

The suit is crisp,

Can get rid of the rigid

Do “lifting” and “fashion”

The charm of a suit is not only its own temperament

And because it can really be wild

Even the most everyday jeans, even sweatpants

Under the blessing of a perfect suit, it has become no longer common.

And the more simple the match, the more sought after

No matter who you are, you can control it easily.

In addition to the basic mix, I want to have more texture

You can choose the same color trousers

Or other more advanced fabrics

Also, we recommend wearing a suit

First of all, the suit is unbeatable in the coordination of the whole body.

Saves the trouble of matching, no mistakes

Secondly, the fashion of wearing a set seems to be slightly better.

Not only does it not seem dull and boring visually

Instead, young and attitude

The most important thing is the full score of the gas field.

A very spacious suit is the perfect partner for the elegant dress.

Whether it’s a skirt or a dress

Suits can play a good balance

Light and heavy, soft and hard

This kind of conflict beauty is the biggest secret of women expressing handsomeness.

Oversized windbreaker


In terms of acceptance,

Windbreaker is bigger than a suit

In the spring, windbreakers will become the clothing of choice for most people.

But it also means that it is more difficult to wear new ideas and personality.

We recommend that you give up the windbreaker that is too positive.

On the one hand, because it’s too monotonous

On the other hand, the fashion is not enough

Oversized design is largely rid of boring

And it won’t be over-exaggerated for everyday wear.

It’s just the right thing to say.

The most classic khaki trench coat

With the Oversized design, it instantly becomes fashionable and easy

Different details and layouts will give the wearer different temperament

Of course, except khaki

Colored windbreakers are also worth our try and challenge

Although inclusive is no better than classic color

But novel enough and eye-catching

There are other more colorful designs.

Such as grid, stitching, etc.

Can make the overall shape sublimate more than one level

Therefore, it has become a fashion element that fashion lovers prefer.

We can also consider starting with fabrics.

Such as patent leather or metal texture

More eye-catching

But if you want to wear it, you really have a lot of requirements for temperament.

Otherwise it is easy to look cheap

It is also necessary to carefully consider such windbreakers.

Cowboy item


Cowboy is a topic we never talk about enough.

“Handsome” seems to be the innate nature of this fabric.

However, although the cowboy comes with rough temperament

But that doesn’t mean we can start at will.

The type, texture, color, etc. all determine the change that this denim piece brings to you.

In 2019, deliberately old design is the most fashionable

Bleached denim is more intense

In addition to handsome, more literary sense

Cowboys and stitching are natural partners

If you add superb stitching

Then this cowboy will “price soaring”

And for the matching of cowboy items

Currently popular is the complete set

This will bring more fashion and momentum to the cowboys who are handsome.

Higher super is different cowboys

Or close to the color of the cowboy

Hierarchical mashup

The difference between chromaticity and material makes the whole harmonious and interesting



Captured the hearts of a large number of young cool girls from the initial street winds

Pants that will be launched every season in all the high fashion houses

Overalls are definitely one of the hottest fashion items in the past two years.

Overalls are the same as jeans

Roughness is its most obvious feature

Girls seem to be not gentle enough after the upper body

But through more clever design

Whether it’s from fabrics, patterns or design elements

Overalls have been given different personalities by different brands.

On a woman wearing overalls

We can see the rate, the ability, the elegance

Even sexy

This is also due to

Overalls are typical unisex clothing

No matter what you match, you can do it.

Whether it’s a street personality girl wearing a short vest and sneakers

Still busy women wearing blazers on high heels

Can’t refuse a piece of overalls

Comfortable and stylish

One-piece Pants


It is undeniable that it is not convenient to wear a jumpsuit.

But there is never any single item that can replace it.

Especially when women are beginning to pursue handsome temperament

The lean, chic and refreshing jumpsuit

Let it be a good idea for many people

Jumpsuits can reasonably appear on any occasion

Street, office, even dinner

Suit-style jumpsuit is the most powerful

At the same time, it also takes into account elegance and intellectuality.

However, the body requirements are slightly higher.

More suitable for slim and tall body

But the most common is the overalls

More choice of fabrics

Cowboy, nylon, khaki, etc.

Acceptable for most body shapes

Visually, the overalls of the overalls are more casual.

It seems that the sense of distance is not too strong

Also younger, easier to wear, stylish and stylish

In addition to common black, white, khaki and denim blue

We also recommend everyone to try other more vivid colors.

The whole person seems to have a cool feeling

Will also add a sunny vitality

100 years of fashion experience

Women can only wear skirts and have a wide variety of items to choose from.


We should not refuse to give life to the beauty of women.

Try more and better looks for yourself~