As the temperature rises, the people on the street have become more comfortable with the spring dress. I took off the dullness and weight of the winter, and began to get rid of it and smash it up~

However, everything is relative, colorful and smashed at the same time there will be a mess… This season should be smashed and smashed, if you do not master the skills of wearing it can be described as a car accident scene.

If you want to get along with the wind, you must first remember that the mix and match is not worn and worn.

That feeling is like idol who sings “slang” forcibly, not to say that his Freestyle is Young OG…

Then let’s take a quick look today. In such a warmer season, how should we mix and match to say goodbye to the kind of homogeneity and homogeneity?

Stacking and mixing, not wearing

From the overall wear analysis, in the spring, the mix of armor and street/sports styles and the mix of retro tooling and street fashion style are common. And stacking is generally based on three levels.

For armored mixes, it’s a good way to perfect your body by putting a short jacket over a suit or coat to create a layer, or wearing a variety of coat jackets with belts.

For the inner ride, the most common white, the white dressing seems to be a bit sloppy, and the style can be changed in the aesthetically pleasing stacking method. The white versatility sits on the title.

For the tooling style, the color of the tooling is mostly the color, dark color and gray color of the tooling. Then choose the tooling trip, in addition to pay attention to the layering and matching the shoes to form a mashup. Also choose some small areas of bright color, fluorescent color as a match.

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The best thing to do is white shoes.

In recent years, whether it is an elegant temperament or a young and energetic casual streetwear, the white shoes can be easily handled, regardless of the season.

The degree of control of white shoes can be said that anyone can, who said that different dress styles have to be different shoes?

The most important thing is that a pair of elegant white shoes will enhance the overall visual clarity. Will make the whole person’s gas field brighter.

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Sunshine glare, sunglasses are styling + practical just need

In the sunny moment, the best Partner with both functionality and decoration is of course non-sunglasses.

As an accessory, sunglasses always play a finishing touch, making your entire LOOK fashionable.

From the effect of a pair of sunglasses covering a half face in the past few years, until now a line is similar, more and more odd-shaped lenses become the most fashionable element of the moment. Along with the resurgence of the sharp dance culture, this retro-styled style has been sought after by more and more young people and fashion professionals.

In fact, the original shape of this sunglasses can be seen in many movies with a sense of time. For example, the slender and translucent sunglasses that you saw in science fiction movies when you were young have a futuristic look. Now it seems that this kind of sunglasses has a sci-fi sense and a layer of retro color. This kind of contradictory and beautiful feeling is what the young people of today are pursuing.

After wearing sunglasses, domineering exposed, full of gas, So strange can not be in every street style, sunglasses or black-rimmed glasses is a must-have artifact, temperament plus points is not a little bit.

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