On March 25th, China International Fashion Week (2019/2020 Fall Winter Collection) opened in Beijing. It is the spring of March, thousands of flowers and plants are vying for the bright, this fashion week to “bloom” point, is the convergence of fashion power, the power of creative power, but also the concentrated bloom of Chinese design power.

Fashion itself has the dual attributes of “change” and “eternal”. China International Fashion Week has remained unchanged in its changes, and is persistently exploring the development path of China’s fashion industry. Every season at China International Fashion Week, there will be new designs and new contents, but the in-depth exploration of Chinese local culture, the guidance and cultivation of young designers, and the commercial empowerment of design power have always been the work of Fashion Week. The main tone.

This season, China International Fashion Week will hold more than 100 professional events, including nearly 250 professional events, professional competitions, DHUB design exchanges, fashion forums, press releases, business matching, creative exhibitions, blooms, and China’s Haute Couture Art Exhibition. The designer made a wonderful appearance.

New pattern, empowering urban transformation and brand advancement

At a time when China’s comprehensive national strength is constantly improving, fashion is driving the economic development of the city. Major cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Hangzhou have launched the fashion week named after the city, and are committed to creating a new urban fashion image. business card. The highlight of this year’s China International Fashion Week is the innovative “City Light” fashion city star-making project, which links five fashion cities of Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Beijing, Xiamen and Dalian, and selects 15 representative young designers to pass Dynamic show, static exhibition, buyer matchmaking and other forms, to create a fashion city spokesperson.

Zhang Qinghui, chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, said: “From the perspective of urban development, China’s reform and opening up has entered the ‘deep water zone’, and the urban function is shifting from production to consumption, which provides more public services and cultural products. In the process of superimposing urban functions, fashion plays an important leading role. In London, for example, the industrialized “fog du” has transformed into a world-class fashion culture city that is now led by creativity, thus rejuvenating. In recent years, there have also been many cities in China that want to make a difference in the fashion field. In view of this, the China Fashion Designers Association and China International Fashion Week actively contribute to urban empowerment and launch the “Light of the City” program. To cultivate better design power for the industry; on the other hand, to cultivate more influential fashion seeds for urban development.

Since its inception, China International Fashion Week has supported the original intention of local original design, and has gathered high-quality resources on this platform to help designers and brands continue to advance. This year’s Fashion Week has both established designers who have established good reputation and matured on the road to commercialization. They also have the backbone of the rising power, and the younger ones that have attracted the attention of the fashion industry. The participating brands have a rich lineup, including Grace Chen, Maryma, Lanyu, Gaia and other high-profile brands. There are also well-known designer brands such as Beautyberry, GIOIA PAN, Collection and YE’S by YESIR, as well as XINYUHU and CHICCO. MAO, ANNBOO, Beijing Baixue and other cutting-edge designer brands. Fashionllaabb, co-founded by China Fashion Designers Association and China Textile Yongjing Investment Co., Ltd., made its debut with ARRIVERJ, UOOYAA, Box Project, VO x Angry Birds and Vo x Fun. In addition, 16 international brands from Canada, South Korea, Denmark, and the Netherlands will also bring fashion outlets of different styles and creativity to the Chinese market with great potential, bringing new consumer choices to Chinese consumers.

Over the years, China International Fashion Week has assisted designers with continuous release with an experienced team, and assisted the brand’s influence and brand value with a mature system. The influence of brands depends on the guidance and influence of social consumers. China International Fashion Week has been continuously strengthening cross-border integration with business, art and culture, and has given the energy of Fashion Week to these partners.

Seeing the demand, the fairy tale town and Gao Dingxiu show together

At the same time that the designer brand has grown rapidly, the trend of the brand has also emerged under the pressure of the younger market, and it is more worth mentioning that the children’s wear market. Statistics show that by 2020, the size of China’s children’s wear market is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan.

As the industry standard, China International Fashion Week is keenly aware of market trends. Since last year, children’s wear has opened up as a new unit, and the “Fairytale Town” children’s wear series has been the first to open. In this small town of innocence and childlikeness, more than 30 children’s wear brands will make a wonderful appearance this year, and continue to stage the fairy-tale journey of Fairchild. Among them, there are famous designer brands such as LIUYONG, J BY HO Kids, MISSOSE, etc., as well as new designer brands such as FENGSANSAN, KIDS WHITE, THE YIAN STUDIO, etc. They use their talents and ideas to design the most pure and beautiful children. The childhood also made the cute baby a bright landscape on Fashion Week.

“In the past 20 years since the birth of China International Fashion Week, the development path of China’s fashion industry is different from any other country. The Chinese local cultural attribute is also the biggest difference DNA between China International Fashion Week and other fashion weeks in the world. Therefore, we must In the process of development, we are constantly exploring the path suitable for the development of China’s fashion industry. This is the historical mission of China International Fashion Week.” Zhang Qinghui said.

“Bloom•China Haute Couture Art Exhibition”, the ten promoters of China Haute Couture Committee, Guo Pei, Lawrence Xu, GRACE CHEN, Lan Yu, Ma Yanli, Zhang Zhifeng, Ma Ying, Sui Chao, Wang Peiyu, Xiong Ying It will be accompanied by its classic works. At that time, Beijing Yanjing Bajie Art Museum will also bring a number of exquisite works of art to represent the cloisonne, jade carving, tooth carving, lacquer, gold lacquer inlay, filigree inlay, palace carpet and Jingxiu, which represent the peak of Chinese traditional crafts. “It will bloom with the works of Gao Ding’s designers, and interpret the essence of Gao Ding’s art in a new and expressive form.” Gao Ding Exhibition aims to emphasize the inheritance of ingenuity and culture, to seek more diverse cooperation with traditional culture, and to land in fashion development, which will surely become the crowning touch of this fashion week.

Trade and business docking, Chinese and foreign efforts to optimize the channel new ecology

Let the creative design of the designer brand dock with the retail terminal, promote the commercialization of personalized products, enhance the market viability of the brand, and assume the important function of brand incubation. It is the China International Fashion Week that has been supporting the DHUB design collection. 10+3 SHOWROOM youth designer base plan, buyer matchmaking and other brand activities.

This season’s fashion week, DHUB design collection that integrates fashion display, business negotiation, product ordering, channel expansion and other functions will continue to appear in Beijing 751D·PARK 79 cans. The 10+3 SHOWROOM youth designer base has been successfully upgraded for seven sessions. After the selection of senior judges at home and abroad, the 13th young design faces of the 8th Zhang Wei and others have appeared on the show, showing the new strength of Chinese fashion design.

In the past year, the traditional retail industry has undergone tremendous changes. Not only has the boundaries of retail tradition been broken, the inherent cognition of enterprises has been changed, and the technology that has been applied for many years has been subverted, and a new era of retail has arrived. China Department Store Business Association and China Fashion Designers Association jointly held the “Designer Brand Promotion Conference and Buyer Matchmaking Meeting”, 13 outstanding designer brands to conduct on-the-spot roadshows, more than 100 well-known buyers and managers to interact with the brand on-site . These brands are the “City of Light” fashion city star-making plan, “10+3 SHOWROOM Youth Designer Base Plan” and the outstanding designer brand selected by DHUB Design. They have distinct personality characteristics and outstanding market. potential. With the continuous development of economic globalization, the exchange of fashion industry between China and South Korea has entered a new era. One of the highlights of this year’s China International Fashion Week is the concentrated introduction of Korean fashion. The Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) will jointly organize the “Korean Fashion Brand Buyer Matchmaking Meeting” with the China Fashion Designers Association and China International Fashion Week. In addition, the “Chinese Face” 2019 Asian Model Fashion Festival hosted by the Asian Models Organizing Committee will also be held.

From the buyer’s committee to the department store business association, to the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, China International Fashion Week continues to increase cooperation with international and domestic fashion buyers, SHOWROOM and commercial platforms and institutions to build a bridge for designers and brands. The broad channel platform at home and abroad and linking upstream and downstream has further improved the business ecosystem of Fashion Week.

Cultural prospects, determined to create a fashion industry leading platform

As one of the most influential design competitions in China, the “Han Hao Award” China International Young Designer Fashion Competition has delivered a large number of outstanding talents to the Chinese fashion design industry. The competition was co-sponsored by China Fashion Designers Association and Hangu International Group. This year’s “Han Hao Award” and WildAid International Environmental Protection Organization established the theme of “Wild Life”, outstanding young designers from home and abroad. The gold medal will be contested on this stage. In addition, the 2019 Kopenhagen Fur Creative Star Competition will also be staged. Young designers from China, Denmark, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Germany and other countries will show their new style of fur design with their wonderful ideas.

Over the years, China International Fashion Week has been emphasizing the contemporary nature of Chinese local culture, looking at culture from the perspective of social development, realizing the organic combination of traditional culture, design creation and contemporary life, and creatively extracting Chinese cultural heritage. The elements accepted by today are not simply imitated, because only in this way can we meet the needs of people’s lives and truly release domestic demand.

As a theoretical highland and ideological field supporting China International Fashion Week, the Beijing Fashion Forum series will continue to bring together fashion, business, art and education experts from all over the world to explore the future development of the industry. The “Beijing Fashion Forum – Fashion and Urban Aesthetics” forum hosted by the China Fashion Designers Association and the Red T Fashion Creative District will inject new kinetic energy into the urban creative development, and the traditional culture and creative park will incite the new fulcrum of the fashion industry. The topic was discussed. In addition, the first non-legacy, non-legacy and inheritance and innovation design forum, Yanjing Bajie • Royal furnishings & beautiful beauty forum, one side cloth – China’s traditional clothing structure minimalist design research forum will be debut, from multiple perspectives Advocating the development of China’s fashion industry, providing new nourishment and new kinetic energy for Chinese design.

It is worth pointing out that China International Fashion Week also has a strong support for the industrial background. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago, China’s textile and garment industry has made tremendous development achievements from the mother industry in the early stage of the founding of the country to the pioneer of the market economy. At present, the consumption upgrade presents a diversified and personalized trend, which raises higher requirements and propositions for designers. At the same time, China’s textile and garment industry has also defined the new positioning of fashion, and only high-quality development is sustainable. As an important bridge between the consumer market and the textile industry, China International Fashion has greatly enhanced its influence on terminal consumption on Monday, cross-border art and commercial channels, enhancing cultural originality and enhancing the vitality of the Fashion Week; The use of high-tech, including green environmental protection, artificial intelligence, high-functional fabrics and advanced technology, through the fashion week platform to polymerize the industry’s high-tech results, truly grasp, and then create the source of Chinese consumer trends.

After 22 years of development, China International Fashion Week is showing a new look. It is more diversified, fashionable, young, personalized, and technological, and more interactive and inclusive. The colorful display form, active and effective business cooperation, rich and varied new promotion, and the organic integration of upstream and downstream supply chains provide designers, brands and fashion-related practitioners with the most comprehensive and highly-displayed platform. It also leads the development of China’s fashion industry.

The years have brought it deep accumulation,

It also brings its determination and courage to the future.

China International Fashion Week

Being in a “blooming” posture,

Showing a new look of the development of China’s fashion industry,

Meeting the changing needs of designers and brands,

It fully assists the Chinese clothing industry to take off.

More to express the Chinese fashion attitude to the world!

March 25-31,

A large wave of exciting fashion shows is about to hit!