If you are now asking what the influx of people around you are paying attention to recently, the answer they give must be Shanghai Fashion Week.The significance of this show is not only one of the fashion weeks closest to us, but the Chinese brand on its stage is an important reason for us to pay attention to it.

The RICO LEE 2019 autumn and winter series show is definitely the highlight of this Shanghai Fashion Week. The reason why it is called the main event is because in this show, the theme of “interstellar crossing”, in addition to its autumn and winter series, “industrial The new collaboration series of Anta x RICO LEE, inspired by the revolution, has finally unveiled its mystery. Not much to say, sneak a sneak peek, SIZE trend life takes you to the show, and feel the charm of Anta x RICO LEE!

We can see that the new cooperation series of Anta x RICO LEE is full of outdoor functional elements, playing with the hot outdoor wind. The loose silhouette, asymmetry, various color schemes, splicing and other designs conform to the current trend and are full of trend. The zipper buckle, waterproof zipper, multi-pocket, seamless gluing, drawstring and a variety of functional fabrics to avoid the “in order to function and function” industry circle, to ensure the actual wearability of the entire series. Anta x RICO LEE’s new collaboration series combines beauty and wearability to create a unique outdoor performance aesthetic.

On this stage full of technology, Anta and RICO LEE led the audience to an “industrial revolution.”

Industrial revolution: The industrial revolution replaced the manpower with machines and replaced the manual production and technological revolution of individual workshops with large-scale factory production.

The reason why this is an “industrial revolution” is that the theme of the new cooperation series of Anta x RICO LEE is the “industrial revolution.”

This time, SIZE Trends talked with Rico Lee, one of the founders of this “revolution”, and Rico Lee shared with us the story behind the new collaboration series of ANTA x RICO LEE.

S: SIZE tide life

R: Rico Lee

S: This is your second cooperation with Anta. Compared with the first cooperation, what is the difference in the design of your single product?

R: The first is a significant increase in technology. We use very new and more functional materials, consumers can really feel the role of these materials, their protective performance is better than ordinary materials more than a little bit. The second is that the trend of the property has been greatly enhanced. Because the movements and trends are now more and more integrated, we have achieved the trend in both the design and the design of the models.

S: What is the source of inspiration for this collaboration series?

R: The source of inspiration for this collaboration series is the industrial revolution. Why do you do such a theme? First of all, our roots are outdoor and functional, and the foundation of the whole outdoor is technology. We want to be a series with a little retro feeling and powerful functionality. So we think of the industrial revolution, because the industrial revolution has promoted the tremendous development of the entire human society. We also want to reflect the influence of the industrial revolutionary technology on the entire human society and the human mental state in this series, which reflects RICO LEE and Anta’s pursuit of technology and the evolution of function in the entire sports industry.

S: The theme of this cooperation with Anta is “Industrial Revolution”. In what way did you reflect this theme?

R: We embody the spirit of the industrial revolution from both the material and the design. The first is that the material has changed a lot. For example, many materials are composite. We will put together two layers of materials. These materials have the toughness and wideness that ordinary materials do not have, and have better. Windproof and waterproof. Second, we have a keyword in the design – GEAR (equipment), we hope that this series is like the consumer’s favorite equipment, bringing a sense of protection, technology, this is the industry we reflect from the material Revolution concept. In graphic design, we will use a lot of pinions from the industrial revolution, as well as a re-architecture of the scene of the year, mapped on clothing.

S: Which functional fabrics are used in this cooperation series?

R: As I mentioned earlier, we use a lot of composite materials. These materials are combined in two layers. Its strength and wideness are far superior to those of ordinary materials. The interior of the garment uses heat-reflecting technology, which is the technology used in the highest-end ski wear. Our body emits infrared rays anytime and anywhere. These infrared rays are energetic. If it is ordinary clothes, it will be uttered in vain. But with this material, it will reheat the infrared rays emitted by the body. The insulation is getting better. There are also many other things, such as laser laser, which is much cleaner and more technical than the usual sewing through the seams, and its greater role is to reduce the friction of the skin and the weight of the garment. This is only part of it. In fact, there are still a lot of fabrics waiting for consumers to feel personally.

S: How do you evaluate the practicality of this cooperation series? How do you combine visual beauty with practicality?

R: The whole series is practical, and we put the wearability first. Our philosophy is that all the clothes we make are for the consumer, not just on the show floor, but the show is just one of its show scenes. The entire collection is very versatile, and each look can be worn across each other, and each item can be easily worn with another item. Visually, we use large graphics, logos to embody the pop culture, and use metal textures and reflective materials to make them safe. It can clearly express the young people’s pursuit of trends and cool psychological characteristics. Our silhouette is different from the traditional sports silhouette. We have consciously made oversize. In addition to being able to accommodate the body, this design can better convey the wearer’s atmosphere.

S: We have seen a lot of details in this collaboration series, such as the ribbon or drawstring design added in different parts, such as the bucking of reflective materials, which brings an extraordinary wearing experience to the wearer. Are the details part of your satisfaction with Anta? Or are there more ideas to be realized?

R: We are always dissatisfied, we always want to do better. However, all the clothing in this cooperation series pays great attention to the comfort and adjustability of the wearing, such as various drawstrings, buckle design and layout adjustment to adapt to different climates. There are some pits inside, which can satisfy both the warmth and the fluidity of the air on the surface of the skin. Your sweat and hot air will be discharged along these pits. When cold, these air will be stored in these pits to increase the insulation of the garment. In fact, we still have a lot of new materials and new ideas that have not come out in this series of cooperation. I hope to present them to you next time.

After listening to the sharing of Rico Lee, is there a new understanding of the new cooperation series of ANTA x RICO LEE.

From last year’s “cyberpunk” to this year’s “industrial revolution”, Anta and RICO LEE have jointly presented two high-quality joint series for us.

It is an indisputable fact that domestic brands are rising. Through the “joint name” this way to find a breakthrough in the domestic brands, a lot of “trend fast food” came into being. However, after all, fast food is a “fast” meal. The impact on the taste bud can only last for a while, and even feel a little disgusting during the digestion process. And how many brands like Anta are serious and co-branded? You and I know the answer.

After abandoning “plagiarism” and “imitation”, what should domestic brands do? This show is the answer given by Anta. What I saw on this show was not only the Chinese power, but also the future Chinese power.

Like the industrial revolution of the 18th century, Anta is also setting off a new revolution in domestic brands. This revolution not only affects the present but also affects the future.

I am increasingly looking forward to Anta’s next move.