In the East, it seems that the big gold chain, the appearance of the land is the appearance of the local tyrants.In the West, people who bring big gold chains seem to be able to come to a hip-hop rap at any time.

But this time, the two accessories brands that shared with you broke the public’s inherent impression of gold, and brought a fashionable, novel and interesting golden “new decoration world” to the fashion.


Founded in 17 years, the headquarters is located in the southern part of Spain, a small Dutch jewelry brand, the current brand launched a series of gold accessories such as gold coin necklaces, rings, bracelets, just conquered a lot of fashionable hearts with gold.

“What captures you, my fashion?”

– Nalinstudios articles

Nalinstudios’ coin necklace was designed and adoptedLarge hollow chainfrom

This small detail not only makes Nalin Studios’ necklace different from other brands, but also deepens the sense of retro.

andThe cufflinks moved backwards in the opposite direction.from

It improves the fashion and novelty of the entire necklace design.

In terms of color, Nalin Studios not only uses gold in its own products,The outer packaging also uses the golden system.from

From the inside to the outside, the light is shining and people can’t open their eyes.

And compared to considering the current popular elements to cater to market sales, Anna Lindeman, founder and designer of Nalin Studios, said:

” I only create pieces that I would want to wear myself ”

It can be seen that Anna seems to prefer the “Gao Ding” type of jewelry than the “clothing” type jewelry. This is probably also a small studio where all the works of Nalin Studios are adhered to in southern Spain.Handmadefrom

One of the reasons.

And Nalin Studios’ coin necklace is on the front of the designer’s mind,A blank creative space is left on the backfrom

Let the fashionable people can expand their imaginationEngraving your favorite wordsfrom

. The same is the wearing of accessories, the fashion of a Nalin studios coin necklace can not only avoid the “crash shirt” in the crowd, but also a small and outstanding presence.

In addition, Anna launched a new one.a unique concept of selling,from

Nalin Studios will launch a limited edition iconic work at 7pm every month. But this item is only available in online stores. The exact date will be announced on the Nalin Studios website.

ONCHIC careful poem

Onchic Care Poetry This 2016 brand designer, registered in the United States, is based in Arezzo, Italy, rooted in Shenzhen, China, is a subsidiary of the Hengli Group, the overall style of jewelry is young and fashionable.

“What captures you, my fashion?”

– onchic articles

Onchic is a gold coin necklace that combines warrior riding patterns.Parity is also the same as the male godfrom

Cai Xukun had already matched this brand when shooting Basha, and the younger brother Hou Mingxi also took it. Xiao Bian has helped the little fairies to confirm their eyes. The price of a necklace is roughly equivalent to a lipstick, which is the same as the male god that can be picked up.

When I saw the star wearing it, I thought it was difficult to buy it? NO, onchicNo need for Haitao transshipment or purchasingfrom

As long as you open your phone and move your finger, you can easily get pcik on the official website, so that you can get the same god in the first time.

Whether it is a male god or an ordinary person, the life of the year that he can’t escape is wearing the tradition of wearing red gold. As a rooted in Chinese brand, onchic understands the tradition more thoroughly and grasps it more accurately. The launch of the wishing knot series, matching the gold bracelet with the red braided line, can be said to be betterCombine tradition with fashion. Solved the fashion crisis of the birth year.

“A hand-made golden ornament

Can’t be the reason for picking”

The jewelry itself is actually not picking the season at all, very versatile. Practicality can be said to be as high as 99.999, which is the finishing touch in all seasons and in all kinds of wear.


With slings and dresses

In the summer when the sun is very good, the golden necklace is superimposed and worn. It can be said that it plays the role of 1+1>2, which makes you shine in the crowd and is more dazzling than the sun.

Many fashionistas will wear the ordinary clothes of the public and wear a different fashion sense. In fact, the necklaces are also the same, especially when wearing the back and slings, some people think that the necklace is worn on the chest and can highlight the beautiful collarbone. However, in fact, wearing a necklace, not only can niche fashion can add the charm of the back butterfly bone.


Match sweater

Gold and autumn are the same color, and everyone believes in fashion.

In the cold winter, the fashionable guys who wear more but don’t want to look bloated will choose clothes with relatively dark colors. At this time, a golden coin necklace is like a star in the night.


Matching suit

Usually choose a slightly harder material to cut, so that the suit will look more stylish. But with color, it can very well neutralize the “hard air” on the material. A colorful suit can be said to be gentle, and the golden accessories are amazing.

Black and white often give people a sense of cleanliness, coupled with the tough material of the suit, it will be serious and serious, with a gold chain at this time, not only can break the serious dull feeling, but also add fashion.

Compared with the solid color suit, the checkered suit is more attractive, and it is also the choice of many fashionable people, but it also improves the rate of the shirt, and with a gold coin necklace, it can make you look different, temperament More outstanding and lovable.