“Fashion Week” can be said to be one of the most inexhaustible topics in the fashion circle this spring.As the most important part of Fashion Week, Chaoren Street Shooting will have any eye-catching appearance on the “stage” of this year’s China, Japan and Korea Fashion Week Street.

Seoul Fashion Week

Before the release of the map, PC sauce first pointed out the three major trends of this China-Japan-Korea Fashion Week Street:

Trend 1

“Big Brother” is very hot 

The most popular suit item of the year,”You are out without you.

Trend 2

Mashup lets you get back to Wild [email protected]

Can’t stop the momentum of the “Neon Girl” mix and match

Trend 3

Fluorescent color to your heartbeat @首尔

The bright color of the Korean girl is your exclusive “beauty color” in spring and summer.

Each fashion week has its own characteristics, and different humanities create different dressing styles. In comparison, this year’s Shanghai fashion is like a free and casual “Shanghai girl”.from

Tokyo fashion is like a “variable girl” with a lot of ignorance and own people.The Korean fashion that just ended is like a “Korea girl” with a proud personality.

From left to right: Shanghai / Tokyo / Seoul

2019 autumn and winter fashion week tide street shooting



This year’s street show outside the Shanghai Fashion Week show is even more beautiful than in previous years.



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Designed as the mainstream “Shanghai girl”

The street-shooting “flip-flops” no longer take the strange route, but become the “walking daily textbook”.ClothingAt the same time, you can bring a texture to the N Street of a certain treasure.

Shanghai Fashion Week Street Shoot

Is it aesthetically regressed or are they really better than you will dress, watching these young ladies wear or avant-garde, or retro printsIt’s lively and stylish, I want toWantfrom

Pan her- The clothes on the body.

Shanghai Fashion Week Street Shoot

A classic windbreaker can create a sophisticated “cool girl”, gentle “soft sister”, chic “miss”, etc. Each look has its own fan, dress is also more everyday, no wonder this year there is no “Shanghai The black monster of the devil and ghost outside the fashion week.

Shanghai Fashion Week Street Shoot

Retro style suits, high-rise jeans, checkered, can also play the “fresh and refined”.

Shanghai Fashion Week Street Shoot Source: Vision China

The simple inside is a “hin” bonus because of a just-right fluorescent color coat.

Shanghai Fashion Week Street Shoot Source: Vision China

The popular “big brother” is matched with the lady’s half skirt, design dress, fashionable leather pants or printed shirt, which is very high-quality and harmonious.

The street fashion people at Shanghai Fashion Week all share the same characteristics: they all know the fashion trends, and they can digest into the most suitable way for them, so that the style they wear can be self-contained.

Shanghai Fashion Week Street Shoot

It can be seen that the “fashioners” outside Shanghai Fashion Week are more likely to choose the popular “big brother”.from

(Big Brother: The style of the tough, domineering shoulder suit) to connect fashion.

“Big Brother Profile” not only likes to mention ‘the most popular suit items of the year’, but even the recently broadcasted TV series and star street shooting have their own figures. I don’t know what you can click: Su Daqiang is also afraid of the suit Queen’s profile. Xi Yao Chen Ni Ni Tang Yan dressed “all very good” to understand this year’s most fashionable suit items!

Shanghai Fashion Week Street Shoot Source: Vision China

In the color, the “fashioners” outside Shanghai Fashion Week are more than one hundred.Take the classic black and white.

Specializes with 500 years of black and whiteThe biggest feature isfrom

Effortlessly fashionable. When you are wearing clothes, you don’t have to wrestle your brain for color matching.

Shanghai Fashion Week Street Shoot Source: Vision China

Simply say like All BlaCkSolid color is not a black body, it still needs someMatching skillsof. For example, a single item mixed with a variety of fabrics will have a different layering, so that it will not appear monotonous or boring.

Shanghai Fashion Week Street Shoot Source: Vision China

Whether it is retro, minimalist, sexy, handsome, follow the Shanghai Fashion Week outside the “following children” to learn to wear, can not guarantee that the fans thousands, at least can criticize the circle of friends.



In many fashion week street shoots, the street fashion shoot outside Seoul Fashion Week is one of the best fashion weeks for Asians to learn to wear!The favorite thing about PC sauce is to look at the beautiful ladies and sisters ▼


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Korea Style for Fluorescent Girls

The street style worn by the influx of people in the 2019 autumn and winter fashion week is still a popular trend, but compared to the previous printing elements, this year has a finishing touch in color matching.

Even the “small boy” joined the street shooting line, wearingfrom

Fluorescent colorBoldly showcasing your fashion tastes on the street, it’s really a country that cultivates fashion from an early age~

Bright color is the biggest charmIt lies in its flamboyant color character. In particular, the small details of the fluorescent color of the local embellishment, “Smecta” sisters use bags, hair color, socks, shoes… different colors mix and match to express different feminine charm.

Smecta’s sisters, even cool and cool, will use a bright color.A small area of ​​”early taste” brightens and matches.

Especially the girl whose skin is originally white, the bright color is the exclusive “beauty color” of your spring. Not only makes you feel goodExplosion, learn the Korea girl with a veil or jacket, temperamentProper.

In 2018, the fluorescent color was “suddenly moving”, but in this spring, it continued to become popular as a “dressing artifact” for Korean street photographers. Shirts, jackets, any piece you want to get will be given color.

As long as you want to wear it, you can wear it and greet you with any color. Asian skin color can not hold Barbie powder, fluorescent yellow? nonexistent!

“Smecta” fashion week fashion people wear bright colors to wear a full spring look. Spring Dressup, So Easy!

But for the black and yellow skin, the “Smecta” sisters’ arrogant fluorescent color clothing must resist the temptation.

Korean Fashion Week Street Shoot

If the yellow-black girl wears it, the fluorescent color that is not loved will instantly make the skin yellow. Why? Because the fluorescent color is black, the black skin girl will not wear it.Some people boast of “Ibuda”!

Korean Fashion Week Street Shoot

Can’t “Black Pimei” have a Korea Style? There is no way to do it, with bright colors.from

Socks, bags, hats, earringsEtc., you can also hit this wave of “fluorescent color trend.”

Korean Fashion Week Street Shoot

orMatching the bright color to the lower body, it can brighten the complexion without overshadowing the face. MatchT-shirtThe top can make you feel temperament instantly. Of course, such a wear is not only not black, but also has a significant whitening effect.

Korean Fashion Week Street Shoot

The skin of many little fairies is very clean and small black skin, and this skin color is actually very suitable for wearing.from

Ginger yellowNot only can you adjust the skin tone, but it can also make you white, but also enhance the color.Dress codeOn, ginger can also be highlightedAdvanced sense.

Ginger is a passionate color in spring and summer, and a pair of ginger clothes can definitely attract attention.

As an Asian girl, most people’s skin is yellowish. Therefore, Huang Hei Pi girl wants to accept the reality that it is easy to “black”, but in this era of aesthetic diversification,black PearlAs long as you have a good body, wear a fan, and avoid the minefield, you really don’t lose white skin…

Source: Visual China



It is well known that the “Neon Country” has a strong “Japanese culture”.Different from the street shooting in Europe, America and even other Asian countries, Japanfrom

Fashion street beatHave its ownSet.


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Anyone can wear a neon girl who is “personal”

The neon girl’s gentle dress is like watching a romantic and dreamy sweet Japanese TV show.

Wear trousers and let all kinds of big names become invisible in the matching of these neon girls.

Because this kind of “personal feeling” of Japanese street shooting is too strong, playing the street tide is like the exaggeration of the second yuan.

As a member of the neon street hipsters, these young ladies only want to “salt” for themselves.

Even in the world’s popular suit jackets, neon girls use sunglasses, belts, ribbons and other accessories to mix and match their own Free Style.

In fact, the reason why “Neon Girls” are so individual is that they are allfrom

Good at mashups. Want to get the same neon style, mashup is a shortcut to become a hipster. Even if it looks ugly and unconventional, it emphasizes that all contradictions are taken for granted.

Tokyo Fashion Week Street Shoot Source: Vision China

Like the plain and minimalist linen suit, suddenly a mix of styles and a snake-like motorcycle jacket, breaking the regular mix of single items, the “big sister” people set out to come out.

Tokyo Fashion Week Street Shoot Source: Vision China

Can not stop the momentum of the “neon girl” mix and match. The gentle and playful lady skirt mixes a pair of “thumb shoes”, is it like a “secondary girl” like a playful nonsense.

Tokyo Fashion Week Street Shoot Source: Vision China

Dare to wear and dare to create, never care about other eyes, the neon girl’s fashion is so bold.

I was supposed to wear it in the hot and cold season. After reading so much, I finally got some inspiration. Which street week do you like best?