About the word Dad Shoes, in the past three years, has become the hottest focus in the field of sneakers. With the trend of the overall trend, deconstructed design, platform shoes, outdoor shoes and other styles are slowly occupying. Part of the popularity, but it is undeniable that “old shoes” is still in the strongest style of fashion trends.

The most representative shoe in people’s mind – Triple S (Source: Google)

How long this trend can last is still difficult to determine now, because the most obvious point is that if you look for it in the crowd now, you will find that these shoes are still the “main force” under the feet of people. Moreover, each Big brands also don’t seem to want to abandon them easily, and they are still launching a variety of new styles. However, among them, NIke has recently been able to say that it is self-defeating. Not only has it introduced a lot of new designs in this style in the near future, it seems that the aesthetics of the shoes that belong to the millennial era are slowly pulled back to us. Why do you say that, you will know when you look down.

“Is the old shoes in the millennium gradually returning?”

Supreme x Nike Air Tailwind IV (Source: Supreme)

Take the recent example, Supreme released the cooperation with Nike in the Spring/Summer 19 series last week. It uses the Air Max Tailwind IV shoe as a blueprint. I believe it is unfamiliar to most people. However, with the name of the “highest” on the street, the shoes that were born in 1999 at least once again entered the people’s sight.

CLOT x Nike Air Haven 97 (Source: CLOT)

A similar situation also occurs on CLOT. Chen Guanxi’s cooperation with Nike has always been the focus of the people’s attention. Not long ago, he himself revealed on the Instagram a new collaboration between the two sides. The design of the shoes combines the cold-shoes Air Zoom Haven with Air Max 97. The former is also the former. A pair of designs from 1999, but I think you should not be impressed?

Nike Shox R4 (Source: Sneaker News)

A more direct point is the return of Shox Technology. As the most representative research and development of the millennium brand, this kind of sole technology, which is called “spring shoes” and “air column”, left a deep impression on people at that time. It is obvious that Nike It is being brought back, the first pair of Shox R4 shoes with this technology and the Shox TL shoes launched in 2003. The Shox TL shoes have been released last week. More importantly, we may look at it in the future. Go to Nike to use it in collaboration with fashion brands and entertainers.

In addition to the Comme des Garçons co-branded on the 2019 Spring/Summer collection, Nike and Skepta’s next pair of shoes will also be designed with Shox shoes (Source: VERSUS)

In addition to the shoes mentioned above, Nike has also begun to inspire more from the catalogue of the early 2000s on the road to innovation. The new running shoes P-6000 CNPT was launched earlier, despite a new design. It is not difficult to find that its shape is very consistent with the characteristics of the sneaker design of that era.

P-6000 CNPT (Source: Sneaker News)

That is to say, when launching this pair of shoes, Nike said that the thick “Dad Shoes” has achieved great success in the past, after which the brand has also proposed a new goal: hope to pass “Casual Father” A concept promotes the trend of sneakers in 2019.

Casual Father? It is roughly representative of the main running shoe design features of the millennium period, which is really biased towards OG… It is different from the Fashion Dad Shoes launched by the fashion luxury brand of Triple S, but it has a retro shape in the true sense. And the meaning of the shoes, simply like its name, is the shoes that the father will wear on the feet, the main core is comfort, not fashion.

For example? (Source: ffi_bonacci)

And we often talked about Dad Shoes, the original concept is also derived from this, but as this style of shoes has become the darling of fashion fashion, we have ushered in a new era of brand in the past period of time Interpretation makes people’s definition of it gradually blurred. In the end, when the shoes are really Dad Shoes, everyone’s understanding is different.

I have to say that Triple S really caused a wave of turmoil, and there were a number of imitators (Source: CALVIN KLEIN)

However, if you talk about the characteristics of the so-called Dad Shoes, I believe that most of them can be said one by one – thick, thick lines, complex upper structure, but also some retro nature, but due to design characteristics, this type The degree of retrofancy of shoes is not as long as Stan Smith and Converse Chuck Taylor, but is mainly defined in the late 1990s to the millennium, and as already mentioned above, from the recent launch of shoes and Nike’s strategy Only then, the Millennium shoes and the unique aesthetic design may be more comprehensively returned with Dad Shoes.

“A sneaker design aesthetic that belongs to the millennium”

It’s no good, if you don’t know much about the running shoes of that period or the impression has gradually become blurred, it’s okay, here are some real Vintages for you to help you remember and have a deeper understanding. Grab it slowly…

Click on the image to enlarge it.

After reading it, is there a more profound and direct visual impression?

In fact, it is not difficult to find that compared with the current era of a lot of flowers and choices, in the past few years, the field of running shoes has become more similar in a similar style, and even the design between different brands will not be much different. It’s easy to feel the shoes that show you from above.

Supreme and Nike’s joint shoes in the Spring/Summer 18 collection actually came from this pair of Zoom Streak Spectrum Plus, which was almost completely copied (Source: melnniki)

In design, they have a focus on aesthetics – the most rude and direct technology running shoes. Most of the uppers are made of mesh materials, leather, and neoprene. They are stitched and laminated at different levels to create an extremely complex upper structure. The soles are not as thick as the Dad Shoes we are now impressed with, but with the more advanced technology at the time, and the appearance of the more obvious lines, it looks a bit cumbersome.

Of course, with the changes in aesthetics and the further development of the sneaker technology, these sneakers with avant-garde style have now become retro with some sense of time, but compared to other Dunk and Chuck, which are now hot. Taylor and other styles, they are obviously more impressive for the Sneakerheads born in the 80s and 90s. Naturally, they have more feelings. In some specific styles, they can also see some aesthetics that belong to the millennial era. A vision and a vision for the future of the world and technology.

(Source: ffi_bonacci)

Unlike fashion, the field of sports shoes has always been in the history of backtracking. Through tribute or re-engraving, people are constantly exposed to the previous designs. Retro and innovative are almost always themes, so overall These shoes don’t make people feel so far away, but in the period when the Dad Shoes trend has not calmed down, the future may be able to greet the return of similar styles in different ways during that period.

As designer brands and traditional luxury brands become more competitive in the market, Dad Shoes, which is oriented by fashion and design itself, seems to be more in line with the aesthetics of contemporary consumers. The original “Tuku” and “Ugly” Attributes have been replaced by fashion and become part of the fashion.

However, sports shoes are still the foundation of traditional sports brands, and they are rich in both technology and history. For the simplest example, the old wave of the old styles introduced above is actually the most basic and everyday styles at the time, but nowadays, each pair has become a “treasure” in line with the Dad Shoes trend. It’s the “resources” that brands can use. Just like Nike did recently, it’s not difficult to reinvigorate today’s consumers if they want to bring innovation through joint, re-enactment or even based on them. .

So, if, as Nike said, I hope to promote the trend of sneakers in 2019 through the concept of “Casual Father”, then it seems that we are just discussing how long the Dad Shoes trend will last. Ready to work hard…

Author: Lin

The “crazy” caused by these shoes is still going on…