The debut of the treasure group of the Korean group MV 400 million has just returned in just 113 days.

Looking at the poster, it is the Sailor Moon in the lead, LISA, JENNIE, JISOO, Rosé.


The most loved person, Barbie LISA, is bright and sweet.


Jennie is the C position in BLACKPINK.


Jisoo is a typical sweet Korean girl.


Rosé is the lead singer in the team.

Their private clothes are different from the black cool and handsome of the posters. They are colorful little fairies. Fashion Week also tells us that this year’s fashion world is colorful.

See how they wear when they go on a small spring break!


As soon as the pink color appears, the surrounding air is gentle and romantic!

Choose a simple sweater, sweater, and white jeans, sweet and not.

Without Lisa’s innocent and cute face, pink floral flowers will be a more difficult to control item, easy village.

Or you can choose short sleeves, skirts with pink elements, sweet cool sister!

Refreshing color

If you are not a particularly warm place to go, the candy-colored sweater is a must-have for the suitcase!

Especially suitable for light-colored hair color girls, a simple one-piece super age-aged and comfortable, let your girl to bubble.

Thin knit is also a good choice for spring.

The jennie of Chanel on the world, the blue short knit, the small waist, completely let you automatically shield the rest of the crowd.

The kitten’s eyes are too charming.

In the pink blossoming cherry blossoms, green exudes the most vitality.

The playful and cute look of green velvet sportswear!

Lifting your waist and raising your waistline really makes your fashion go crazy, if you can.

It is best to wear white, which will make any face look good.

Bright color

The holiday is in a place with a lot of people, that is to be the most awkward one in this street!

Red is flamboyant, but it also shows fashion.

Lisa’s red polka-dot dress is a bit retro and extravagant, and has a girl’s dream. I want to get the same money when I dream.

Bright yellow makes the mood exceptionally good!

Have a good spring, let’s enjoy it!