Original title: 40 kinds of pleated skirts, according to the beauty of the foul!

Pleated skirtIt can be said that it is a must-have item in every girl’s wardrobe.Wild treasures all year roundElegant and feminine, feminine! Especially in the middle and long section,Slim and high!

This little series will bring dozens of ways to unlock the pleated skirts with your friends, so that you don’t have to worry about going out every day!

Pleated skirt with sweaterIt can be said that it is the most gentle and most temperament combination! Small motors in the south can choose thisLight and slim fit directly into the skirt, can not only highlight the waist, but also lengthen the proportion of the lower body ~

This kindVelvet textureThe solid pleated skirt with a solid color sweater is simple and sophisticated.

Bright stripeThe pleated skirt will be more lively, with pointed little shoes or small white shoes just to neutralize the sweetness of the skirt, go shopping and go to work~

However, it is important to note that the sweater is chosen as much as possible.Solid colorIt can highlight the layering of the overall Look.

Sports and leisureSweatshirtWith a gentle and elegant pleated skirt, the standard of youthful and energetic girl!

Wide crotchThe little friend can put the sweaterTied into the skirtOr chooseMedium long sweaterCover the crotch, recommended on the colorDark colorWill be even thinner~

Solid colorSweaterWith a solid color pleated skirt, it is also the simplest and most error-prone combination. You can hold it in all kinds of occasions!

Facing the big temperature difference between morning and evening, draping one pieceSmall leatherIt can not only protect the wind from the wind, but also create the “Men Man” style, full of style!

Such a peacock blue, metallic pleated skirt looks difficult to control, in fact, only need to matchBasic sweater or T-shirta small leather jacket with a short piece on the outside.LayeringImmediately appear, the color is matched with the degree of relaxation, and it is absolutely eye-catching!

FairyChiffon stitching pleated skirtWith handsome leather, sweet and without losing personality, and with white shoes, it will age down~

Fear of coldSmall partners can fit in a pleated skirtTight black pants or velvet base socks, it will not affect the visual effect at all~

Want to be more personal, you can chooseBright color stitching or striped, breaking the dull feeling of autumn and winter~

Small suitWith a pleated skirt, the perfect combination of skill and femininity, with its own gas field ~

In addition to the regular pleated skirt, you can choose thisIrregularWithSame colorMore advanced.

MatchPlaid printed small suitRetro and chic, but the lower bodyPleated skirt should not be too flower, choose a solid color on the line, you can useDifferent materialsTo highlight the sense of hierarchy~

As a classic versatile sage –denim jacketIt will not be inconsistent with the pleated skirt, with canvas shoes or small white shoes, and then comb a half-ball head.a little sweet girl, ageing good helper~